dropshipping cbd

Dropshipping cbd

CBD is classified as a “high-risk” product, which means there are restrictions around how you can accept payments for CBD online.

CBD dropshipping is a rapidly growing industry—the North American hemp-derived cannabidiol market size is expected to reach $16.1 billion by 2027 .

Take some of the guesswork out of the process by purchasing a Turn-Key Shopify store from US Direct preloaded with high-quality products from verified CBD suppliers.

2. Choose a Reliable CBD Dropshipping Program

And once you’ve done all of the above, make sure you’re syncing inventory availability, order management, and more with a reliable dropship automation platform.

Ensure the platform you choose offers specialized solutions for CBD resellers, such as CBD-approved payment gateways and industry-specific shipping options.

How to Start CBD Dropshipping

As the market continues to grow, more people will become curious, which creates excellent conversion opportunities. You can also count on return buyers and the opportunity for loyal customers, as most CBD consumers use it daily.

These requirements will vary by state, and it’s your responsibility to do your research and satisfy any legal obligations before moving on to the next step.

Dropshipping cbd

You can always email or call us. We can set an appointment and talk about any CBD dropshipping questions, comments, or concerns.

Have an eCommerce website? Promote CBD goods without purchasing any inventory. You make the sale, we receive the order and our fulfillment team takes over. We ship directly from our warehouse to your customer and you get a cut.


When you’re in the Winston-Salem area, make a pit-stop at the eclectic Ardmore area. Our premiere CBD dispensary is at:

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For North Carolina agribusiness to be competitive, it requires community. We’ve got your back. LPC’s supports your efforts with ours. We have year-round outreach campaigns with targeted advertising and promotions. We reach out through multiple channels which helps your small business grow.


Longleaf controls its supply chain with vertical integration. This eliminates risk and increases product quality. In turn, superior products create customer loyalty and that’s cash in your pocket.