dr greenlove cbd tea review

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Double Pack CBD Tea @ £13.99

Dr Greenlove’s Amsterdam CBD Tea is a great way to imbibe CBD in liquid form through a great cup of tea. Relax and unwind with this CBD rich tea made with Hemp Bud / Leaf From EU Certified Hemp. CBD is a popular compound that is found naturally in hemp and may aid sleep disorders and help reduce pain & inflammation naturally. These tea bags made by Dr Greenlove are an easy to use high-quality CBD product made in Holland. Each Tea bag has cannabidiol or CBD in it and is a great entry-level CBD product to buy before going for more expensive CBD oils. As we all know being an Englishman goes hand in hand with drinking a fine cup of tea and these CBD infused tea bags are exactly that, a lovely refreshing drink with some very effective qualities. Drink without milk and if possible substitute sugar for honey to get the best effect from these low price but high-quality cannabidiol tea bags. Goes perfectly with an afternoon smoke and is made with 100% natural hemp bud, can you ask for a better chill out tea bag. These CBD tea bags are not bitter or foul tasting and are an absolute pleasure to drink any time of day Let the CBD relax and rejuvenate you as you sip your hot cup of tea. We personally find this hemp cannabinoid tea to be very relaxing and incredibly easy to drink and has become a firm fixture on our daily tea drinking schedule. We believe that if you try this awesome CBD tea you to will be a convert just like us. This product is selling all around the world and many repeat customers can’t get enough of it, but don’t take our word for it, try a box today for the very competitive price of £6.99 with Cheap UK delivery. This is a non-medical CBD product and is only sold as a natural food supplement that is rich in hemp-based cannabinoids. This is the UK’s best-reviewed CBD Tea, and we absolutely love drinking it, with the RAW CBD infused Honey we offer. Try them both today for a very interesting and delightful CBD tea drinking experience. Dr Greenlove believes in producing only the finest foods, snacks and teas with no exception, all made from locally grown cannabis and hemp plants that come from EU certified farms that are run by expert hemp growers who can guarantee fresh and pure products. This is taken to another level with the products being made at the growing location, so the carbon footprint is lighter and the products are made by the people who grow the hemp. Dr Greenlove’s products are an original take on the edible and medical hemp scene and his products are sold all over Amsterdam and the Netherlands and have reached its peak as Holland’s premier cannabis food producer.

Twenty Pack CBD Tea @ £84.99

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Ten Pack CBD Tea @ £49.99

Instructions: Boil your kettle or Pot to 100 ° C then leave to sit until it reaches around 80 ° C. Pour the boiled water into your favourite mug with your CBD Tea Bag inside. Leave in for around 4-7 mins so all the water and the tea is infused and then enjoy! Don’t add milk unless required, treat as you would a herbal tea.

Dr Greenlove’s Amsterdam CBD Tea is a great way to imbibe CBD in liquid form through a great cup of tea. Relax and unwind with this CBD rich tea made with Hemp Bud.

Single Pack CBD Tea @ £6.99

The CBD-rich cannabis used in to make this all-natural herbal infusion is locally grown, without pesticides or herbicides. After the plants are harvested, the flowers are carefully collected and dried under controlled conditions for two to three weeks. They are then sieved and hand-picked for the on-farm production of Dr. Greenlove’s renowned cannabis tea. Only this dedicated, manual process guarantees the suburb quality and delicious taste of Dr. Greenlove’s CBD Tea.

Dr. Greenlove’s lab-certified CBD Tea is made from 100%, premium grade cannabis buds and is produced under EU regulations. This pure and delicious CBD Tea is naturally rich in cannabidiol (CBD).


To prepare, bring 500 ml of water to a boil. Add 1 gram (a bag) of CBD Tea. Turn the heat down and let the tea simmer for another 15 minutes with the lid on the kettle. Season if necessary (e.g. with honey or sugar). If you want to make tea for a number of days, use 2 grams of CBD Tea in 0,5 litre of water. As described above, let the tea cool down and keep the cooled tea in the refrigerator.

One box contains 20 bags (20 x 1g) of CBD Tea.