does cbd help parkinson’s

Does cbd help parkinson's

Still, it’s important to read labels, ask questions, and have a general idea of the amount of THC or CBD in the product. For those who choose to try cannabis, use caution — start with a low dose and increase slowly (if at all). Much of this is trial and error because solid studies on dosing and formulation are lacking. (See below.)

Cannabis comes in several forms and can be taken different ways: smoking or vaping dried leaves, swallowing pills or eating or drinking foods (edibles) that contain cannabinoids, putting liquid or drops under the tongue, or applying creams or ointments to your skin (on painful areas, for example). Two U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved prescription cannabis medications also are available for specific conditions, such as epilepsy or cancer- or AIDS-related symptoms.

One of the most common questions people with Parkinson’s ask is, “What about medical marijuana?” Many are curious if and how it might work for different symptoms, and what the research says.

If you are thinking about cannabis, you may want to ask your doctor:

Initial symptoms of PD may be nearly unnoticeable and include:
– Difficulty standing
– Lack of facial emotion
– Tremors (shakiness of one’s hands)
– Bradykinesia (slow movement)
– Balance issues

Potential Benefits of CBD

There is no preferred method of CBD administration for persons with Parkinson’s Disease. Patients should choose a method with which they are most comfortable and one which is not hampered by tremors. If success with CBD is found, users should choose an administration method which can accommodate frequent and ongoing usage.

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How to Obtain CBD

CBD Makes You Feel “High”
The effects of CBD and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), both cannabinoids that are extracted from cannabis sativa plants, are often confused. That said, both CBD and THC are known to have healing properties, and some researchers believe a combination of the two are very effective as a means of treatment. However, only THC produces a feeling of being “high” or “stoned.” Said another way, CBD-rich cannabis usage does not have any mind-altering effects. This makes CBD a desirable option for those that do not want to feel “high” from THC or certain prescription drugs.