crestron c2n cbd e

Crestron c2n cbd e

Unfortunately once we acquired the switches and turned off acquire mode on the RF Controller, the switches now all have the third light down from the top on and don’t turn on or off the lights. I checked to make sure that they saw the controller, and the light stays on for 5 seconds, but then it goes back into just having that light on.

Place the light switch into acquire mode by pressing the top button 4 times and holding the 4th time (press + press + press + press/hold). Wait for LEDs to blink, then release. LED will slowly blink if successful the LEDs will be solid for 5 seconds.

un-acquire process: same as above except there can’t be a gateway in acquire mode. The press and hold on 4th time may take 12 seconds.

Each Cameo keypad is supplied with six single-row button caps, three double-row button caps, and two triple-row button caps as well as two single-row spacers, one double-row spacer, and one triple-row spacer.

Cameo ™ Keypads: C2N/C2NI-CB Series

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All switches on the keypad are functionally identical. White feedback LEDs to the left of each row are independently addressable and indicate which switches are active. The intensity of the feedback LEDs is programmable from 0 to 100%. Button caps have white LED backlighting that is programmable from 0 to 100% intensity as well. In certain circumstances, such as when using black button caps, true backlighting is not practical. Instead, the program can use the feedback LEDs to perform a backlighting function, turning them all on but at a fixed percentage of their active state intensity.

Crestron C2N/C2NI-CB Series

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