colorado peaks cbd

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Great quality product at an affordable price. Just finished my first bottle and have seen and feel improvement for numerous existing maladies.

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Colorado peaks cbd

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HEMPMEDIXTM Full Spectrum Hemp Oils have captured the deep, rich, textured flavors of the outdoors in their uniquley designed and flavored hemp oil tinctures. Made with full spectrum rich hemp oils and a hint of cherry flavor, HEMPMEDIX Colorado Peaks Drops bring the finest natural ingredients to this wholesome full spectrum hemp oil supplement. Just two drops, a few times daily is enough to add full spectrum hemp oil to your day. Lightly flavored with natural ingredients, our Natural Drops were formulated for those who truly enjoy the rewarding experience and deep flavor of all things natural. Each bottle comes with two and a half times more potency than our most if not any of our competitors. HEMP MEDIX has the most powerful and THC-free formulation in the world, our THC-free full range spectrum oil provide the huge amount of naturally available diverse hemp spectrum in the world. All of our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil products are grown, produced and packaged in the United States of America. Whether your a busy mom on the go or an athlete who moves fast and trains hard, a government employee, or working professional that prefers THC-free Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, we have just what you need to achieve your goals. Our Oils were made with you in mind. They are 100% THC-Free, so you can focus on performing at the top level. It’s ahead of the curve, just like you want to be. Make HEMPMEDIXTM a part of your everyday goals to overall health and well-being. HEMPMEDIX, Life Done EasierTM

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See which flavor and dosage of CBD is right for you with the Colorado Brands Direct line of tinctures.

Cool Brands Direct designed this line of tinctures so the flavor profile remains the same with the higher concentration of CBD. All of the hemp used in the Colorado line of tinctures is sourced from Colorado and the certificate of analysis is located on each individual product page so you can personally examine the lab results of each product. Learn more about each flavor, strength, and how these CBD oil drops are right for you by visiting the product pages.

Aspen Cool Mint
Boulder Lemon Burst
Denver All Natural
Orange Splash

Cool Brands Direct is proud to present Colorado Brands Direct. Colorado Brands Direct is a unique line of CBD oil tinctures with a variety of flavors and strengths so can find the best CBD for you. These CBD oil drops have three different strengths (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg CBD per bottle). Colorado Brands Direct tinctures come in 4 unique flavor profiles.

The Colorado Brands Direct contain 30 softgels packed with 10-25mg of CBD per softgel.