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AAA City Chiropractic Centre is a long standing Perth based Chiropractic clinic, located centrally on the corner of Hay Street Mall and William Street in the CBD.

Our dedicated teams at City Chiropractic Centre and Manning Road Chiropractic Centre, are committed to providing top quality service to keep you functioning at your best.

Are you looking for a natural, drug-free approach to your back pain and headaches?

We are a family owned clinic who have been operating for over 20 years on the 5th floor of the beautiful Art Deco Gledden Building.

Or maybe just looking to keep your spine and nervous system functioning optimally?

I believe that chiropractic care is the most effective way to deliver life-changing results to people from any walk of life. It’s our desire to help the body in a manner that may allow it to operate at its optimum level. We aim to accomplish that through a tailored treatment program.”

Chiropractors Dr Jacinta Laurino, Dr Poppy Schofer and Dr Alan Le want to provide our award-winning service and transform you to live a better and happier life. Experience the difference today.

At East Perth Chiropractic Health Centre, you will receive the highest level of care at our vibrant and innovative chiropractic practice.

Our entire team is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and care that can help you function at your full potential. We don’t want to be like any other clinic you’ve been to before, and we’re proud to stand out. We’re committed to creating a healthier, more vibrant community!

The Chiropractors in our city based practice specialise in the treatment of ailments that affect office workers. They use a wide range of techniques proven to enhance the movement and alignment of joints and the functioning of the nervous system. This hel ps to decrease muscle tightness and relieve pain.

All Bodysmart Chiropractors are university trained health care professionals with 5+ years post graduate experience who specialise in the diagnosis, treatment and management of disorders affecting the joints, muscles, ligaments and nervous system.

Our Chiropractor helps people to overcome a range of aches and pains including disorders such as neck pain, mid-back pain, headaches and migraines, sciatica, disc herniations, scoliosis, postural disorders, sporting injuries and lower back pain.

Our Chiro will look for misalignments in the spinal system and will use soft gentle techniques and precise adjustments to align the spine and improve joint function. Our chiropractor will ask use techniques based on your comfort levels.

Common Injuries – Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractor Perth CBD – Bodysmart Chiropractic Techniques