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SO I have tried CBD oil (hemp really) and I can’t believe it. I have noticed a slow down to that "binging" feeling. Usually after my dinner I get home and want to dive into food. But at least for the last week, I didn’t eat anything after dinner. I don’t have that monkey on my back. I didn’t get the oil for that reason so I just realized last night I didn’t have a single binge.

My sister just got Medical Marijuana to deal with insomnia. She reports she lost weight without trying. And if you google it. it does seem Marijuana is more likely to make you lose than gain. It is also suspected that it gives your metabolism a boost.

But that isn’t legal here yet unless I get it for a medical condition.

Has anyone else tried CBD or hemp oil and found a appetite suppressant effect? I mean I am still hungry but I don’t have the urgency about it?

I actually decided to try hemp after I gave it to my cat and he had some positive effects — such as hair growing back in bald patches that had been there for years.

Cbd weight loss forum

Fat cells are activated to store fat in different areas of the body by different chemicals. Cf- estrogen makes fat accumulate on the chest and thighs.

I do know that many people with sleep apnea are also overweight (classic Pickwickian Syndrome), and that treatment of the breathing (and sleep) problem also may result in weight loss, so weight loss with cannabis may result from improved sleep and not from a direct effect of the weed.

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THC and CBD are not made by the plant itself apparently but made by "activating" other compounds.

Cannabis has no calories.

Actually I think some of the compounds are lost during the extraction process. This makes more sense. When you extract, you remove certain compounds, maybe not intentionally but it happens just the same. This applies to all types of extractions not just cannabis.