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CanEx provides crazy-fast Southern California cannabis delivery for a wide selection of high-quality cannabis products, all with top-notch customer service. Los Angeles THC Edibles | Order medical marijuana, weed and CBD hemp edibles online for delivery in California and CBD edibles shipping nationwide. March and Ash is a licensed medical & recreational cannabis dispensary with marijuana delivery in Southern California’s San Diego and Imperial Counties.

Southern California Cannabis Delivery by CanEx

From edibles to accessories, we’ve got everything you need to get your indulgence on. Shop our selection of flowers for California-grown goodness, or hop over to concentrates for a more intense dive. Our selection is designed with your shopping experience and easy Southern California cannabis delivery in mind. Whether you’re exploring new marijuana brands or searching for your known favorites, we’ve got them all listed in one place for your convenience. Looking to score a deal? Check out our specials and browse our featured sale products for top-quality cannabis at an even lower price. Go on, you deserve it.


The best bud in town. Grind it up, roll it or pack it, and smoke it.


Refreshing and enjoyable with longer lasting effects.


Simple, quick and effective. Add a preroll to your order and spark it up when you’re ready to enjoy.

vaporizer cartridges

Simple and Discreet. Compatible with any universal battery.

Top Seller In Ventura

Sativa Disposable
Blueberry Dream Live Resin Gummies
High Octane OG – Exotic
DEAL – Aspen OG (7g for $60)

Top Seller In Los Angeles

DEAL – Legend OG (7g for $45)
DEAL – Melonade (7g for $55)
Zack’s Pie – Exotic
1g Cobalt Haze Live Resin
Bananas Foster 5pk Pre-Roll

Top Seller In Orange

DEAL – Melonade (7g for $55)
Blueberry Dream Live Resin Gummies
High Octane OG – Exotic
DEAL – Legend OG (7g for $45)

Top Seller In San Bernardino / Riverside

Pineapple Gelato Disposable
DEAL – Oreoz (7g for $60)
Zack’s Pie – Exotic
Aspen OG
DEAL – Legend OG (7g for $45)

Top Seller In San Diego

London Pound Cake Disposable
Aspen OG
High Octane OG – Exotic
Blueberry Dream Live Resin Gummies

Top Seller in Santa Clarita

Honeydew (7g for $25)
1g Slymextreme Live Resin Cart
DEAL- Hashbar OG (7g for $45)
.5g Ice Cream Cake 4-Pack Pre-Roll
Blue Raspberry Gummies, 250mg Delta-8 THC
Watermelon Gummies

As leaders in Southern California’s cannabis delivery industry, we’re proud to serve a vast selection of counties throughout the area. No more sitting through that brutal LA traffic or waiting in long dispensary lines just to catch a buzz. Whether you’re simply restocking your stash, or in a rush to entertain guests, you deserve fast, reliable service. With a team of exceptional drivers throughout Southern California, our cannabis delivery can often be completed within an hour of purchase. Check out our list below to find the online store for your area, pick a few favorite cannabis products, and discover why CanEx is a top-tier Southern California marijuana delivery service today!

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Weed Edibles Online Delivery & Buy Edibles Online Legally

You have tons of options when it comes to buying edibles online, so why should you choose us? Ordering from Kushfly is a safe and secure way to make sure you get the best quality weed edibles. We have been serving residents of the Los Angeles area for over four years and we look forward to serving you.

Weed Edibles & THC Edibles & THC Products

Weed edibles are classified as any food that’s been infused with THC. Eating THC infused edibles are a great way to consume cannabis without smoking or vaping it. They’re a great choice for people who want to discreetly enjoy weed without any harsh smell lingering in the air. THC edibles come in different MG’s. If you’re new to eating weed edibles, we recommend starring with a low dose edible that contains around 10-20mg of THC. Start by eating one serving size and wait up to two hours to feel the full effects before eating more. It’s very common to eat too much of an edible before the effects fully hit, thus resulting in an extremely strong high. If you’re experienced in edibles and are looking for a strong dosage, we have just what you need. At Kushfly, we carry edibles that will satisfy even the most seasoned edible connoisseurs. Check out our online edible menu to find sweet treats that range from 3mg of THC to over 1,000mg of THC.

Where to Buy Edibles & California Edibles & Best Edibles in Los Angeles

If you’re wondering where to buy edibles online, then you’ve come to the right place. Browse our vast menu of weed edibles to find exactly what you’re looking for. Kushfly is the best place to buy edibles online because we offer tons of different choices at unbeatable prices. There’s a reason why our customers keep coming back. We provide an excellent assortment of cannabis edibles, excellent customer service, and fast delivery.

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Edibles For Sale

Kushfly offers tons of different edibles for sale. Choose from cookies, candies, brownies, cookies, and gummies. All of the edibles we sell are made with high quality cannabis to offer you the best experience possible.

Weed Edibles Gummies

Gummies are one of the most popular types of edibles. Many people choose weed gummies when shopping for edibles because of their delicious flavor and easy dosing. Each gummy is individually infused with THC so you can carefully and accurately control your high.

How To Order Edibles

Ordering edibles from Kushfly is easy! Just create an account, choose the edibles you’d like to order, and checkout. You can pay online or at the time of delivery. If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, you’ll get your order delivered right to your door the very same day!

March and Ash: Cannabis Dispensary with Delivery

Shop our wide selection in-store, online, or in-app at any of our dispensaries located throughout Southern California. Our Mission Valley San Diego dispensary is our flagship store established in 2018. Our Locations

Dispensaries that Deliver

Get fast and free cannabis, CBD, and weed delivery and curbside pickup with March and Ash. We service San Diego, Mission Valley, Chula Vista, Vista, North County, East County, Imperial Valley, and more. Delivery Requirements

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