cbd syrup canada

Cbd syrup canada

Azuca is a member of the
Good Food Mercantile Foundation.

Azuca products reflect the curated culinary expertise of founder, Chef Ron Silver. With seven restaurants, Ron has built a reputation for putting only the best ingredients together with everyday culinary genius.

As Chief Creative Officer of Azuca, Ron continues to innovate and find additional ways to create high-end CBD infused ingredients that are effective, delicious, and simple.

Azuca offers simple syrup in 2oz and 8oz bottles. If you are interested in bulk orders, please visit our wholesale page >


Azuca is a proud member of the National Cannabis Industry Association.

Taste isn’t Azuca’s only breakthrough. Our patent pending TiME INFUSION™ method transforms CBD into its most pure, precise, and delicious form. This revolutionary method transforms each individual CBD molecule into a tiny, 1.5 nanometer sized particles that is processed by your body’s endocannabinoid system almost immediately. So our products take effect in as fast as 2-3 minutes, where traditional edibles take up to four hours. Azuca customers no longer have to play the guessing game when it comes to suggested amounts, and they’re able to take control of their CBD experience like never before.

As a self-proclaimed lover of hemp, Ron became frustrated with the lack of options in the hemp edibles market. There were edibles with CBD, but they were unreliable and low-quality with bad aftertastes.

We understand that there is an overwhelming amount of information on CBD and CBD products. That’s why we created a safe environment where you could learn about CBD, and discover products that blend seamlessly into your life.

We donate 5% of Azuca sales to the Last Prisoner Project

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This syrup is produced exclusively with cane sugar, which is why it has such a robust, smooth taste and gorgeous texture. Made to mix effortlessly into drinks and recipes with fast-acting results in 2-15 minutes.

Cbd syrup canada

The company’s broad-spectrum CBD soothe syrup has a potency of 15 mg per serving. It contains a total of 60 mg CBD alongside 10 mg of melatonin in a 4 oz bottle.

Green Roads CBD Soothe Syrup

In cases where you’re unable to get a doctor’s recommendation, you should always start with the lowest possible dose of CBD. With a syrup, we recommend starting with as little as half a teaspoon. Wait for at least 30 minutes to an hour to see if your dose is sufficient. If you don’t feel anything, you can gradually increase your dose until you start experiencing relief. Once you find the dose that works, stick to it.

Choosing a CBD Dosage

The company uses organic, non-GMO American hemp and offers multiple potency and size options for its products. Hemp Bombs also provides third-party test results available directly on each product page.

psychological, neurological, and physical well-being of a person. They help the body to calm down in certain stressed situations and relieve extreme pain and anxiety attacks. The lack of artificial and chemical products present in the gummies make them healthier than any of the similar products out in the market. Each gummy is made with great care and expertise.

The fundamental reason why Mike Holmes CBD Gummies are so well known and loved is because of their ingredients. All the ingredients used to make these gummies are organic and chosen and formulated by experts. Mike Holmes CBD Gummies Canada are mainly known for enriching and enhancing the

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Mike Holmes CBD Gummies Canada are organic all-natural soft chewing gummies infused with high-quality pure CBD oil. These gummies show no signs of side effects as they are entirely made from organic products. These gummies contain a high concentration of full-spectrum CBD oil. They also have a low quantity of sugar content; about 2.2g of carbs can be found in each gummy. This means that gaining weight while consuming this product is out of the question. Clinical tests have shown that a low amount of just 9.2 calories are present in each gummy. The natural ingredients that make these gummies so great are-

Clinical Trials and Medical Tests

One such excellent CBD-infused product that has helped thousands of people with their problems is Mike Holmes CBD Gummies Canada. Calling Mike Holmes CBD Gummies Canada an absolute game-changer in the CBD medication industry will not be an overstatement. These gummies have so many beneficial properties without any risk factor of calling them anything else than this will be an understatement.