cbd singapore charges

Cbd singapore charges

Whichever one you like to use, it is no doubt that the easily recognisable blue and white ERP gantries situated all over our island and the harrowing beep of a deduction are the stuff of Singaporean motorists’ nightmares.

ERP Rates in Singapore

On our point on finding alternative routes, it would help to use route planners such as Google Maps, Waze, gothere.sg or GPS hardware like Garmin to plan your route. These software usually have options to either avoid tolls or to minimise ERP charges.

Use a route-finder app to find routes without ERP charges

They are operational usually during peak hours, such as when people travel to work or back home at the end of the day. There are over 75 ERP gantries situated on three types of routes: expressways, roads leading into the city/central business district, and arterial roads.

Cbd singapore charges

ERP rates are reviewed every quarter and adjusted during the June and December school holiday period, based on the traffic conditions at the time.

ERP rates are set generally in periods of 30 minutes and are adjusted to keep traffic moving at an optimal speed range of 20 to 30 km/hour on arterial roads and 45-65km/hour on expressways. That means if you drive during peak hours, you are likely to pay higher rates. In addition, ERP charges are also determined by the type and size of vehicle – bigger vehicles pay more.

Complete List Of ERP Gantry Locations And Rates

ERP is only operational from Mondays to Saturdays, excluding public holidays. In addition, ERP also stops operating at 1pm on the eve of New Year’s Day, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali and Christmas Day.

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For those who enjoy the convenience of paying the ERP charges via a credit/debit card without needing to worry about maintaining sufficient value in their stored-value card can register with Motorpay, EZ-Pay or Virtual CashCard (vCashCard) to apply for card payment.

Ways To Pay Your ERP Charges

Here’s a guide to all the gantries in Singapore, their operational hours, and the exact charges.

Cbd singapore charges

Other Incidents

You pay a fee when driving through an ERP gantry during operational hours.

If you did not pay your ERP charge due to a defective IU, an expired or improperly inserted stored-value card, or because there was insufficient value in your card, you will receive a notification within a few days after the violation.

ERP rates are generally set in half-hour periods.

ERP Rates For December 2021 School Holiday Period

You can also check the notification online via digital services.

ERP rates are adjusted to keep traffic moving at an optimal speed range of 20-30 kmh on arterial roads and 45-65 kmh on expressways.

  • Passenger Cars/ Lights Goods Vehicles/ Taxis [602 Kb]
  • Motorcycles [584 Kb]
  • Heavy Goods Vehicles and Small Buses [584 Kb]
  • Very Heavy Goods Vehicles and Big Buses [584 Kb]

At a glance

The revised rates will apply from 22 November 2021 to 3 January 2022. These rates will revert to the pre-school holiday charges from 4 January 2022 onwards.

Vehicle Breakdown