cbd santa fe

Cbd santa fe

It’s not easy to transform the world, but it’s not going to stop us from trying. Transformation begins the minute we harvest our hemp and turn it into materials that can change the nature of health, science, technology, housing and our climate.

Everything begins with the “seed” of an idea–from genetics to farming to agricultural partnerships across the country and around the globe, our Growth Division has “germinated” ideas into entire ecosystems — generating important efficiencies along the way.

Solutions Group
Santa Fe Farms Solutions Group is designed to provide consulting services for processing and extraction by working with hemp cultivators and other market participants in the design and construction of their own processing and extraction facilities.

Processing Division

Genetics (formerly High Grade Hemp Seed)
Unmatched genetics with a five-year track record of field performance. From improved auto flower lines to original genetics and CBG varietals, we are constantly developing and releasing innovative new cannabinoid and industrial strains.

Farm Partners Program/Brokerage
Our Farm Partners Program and Brokerage services improve financial outcomes by connecting farm operations and sourcing in one modern platform; we help companies operate more intelligently, efficiently, and more profitably.

Hemp and Carbon, a Santa Fe Farms story

Demonstration Farms
On our demonstration farms, we grow hemp wherever possible with organic and sustainable farming practices, and are committed to applications that enhance and preserve the environment with knowledge and expertise that we believe puts us seasons ahead of our competition.

Santa Fe Farms is a cultivator and processor of industrial hemp focused on regeneration and carbon sequestration. We transform hemp into high impact chemical and physical ingredients and components which can be incorporated into product focused on health and wellness, human and animal nutrition, agriculture, building materials, paper, packaging, plastics, and advanced carbon products, as well as tradeable carbon “offsets/credits” used by enterprises to meet their ESG goals and/or regulatory requirements.

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The response to CBD and the whole hemp plant is very individualized. Therefore, it requires a period of experimentation. We provide a multitude of samples and affordable products, allowing our clients to test dosages and specific CBD delivery systems that will be best suited to the targeted complaints.

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