cbd rich hemp buds

Cbd rich hemp buds

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We focus on growing high CBD cannabis that enhances your lifestyle, without the common negative side effects many people experience with high THC products. In essence, our cannabis provides the perfect euphoria and effects, without the overwhelming high.

Cbd rich hemp buds

To manipulate other elements, in addition to various amounts and ratios in THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, these factors are essential and are additional elements that play a significant role in the success and value of the strain.


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We recommend and believe a well-balanced diet and exercise combined with other forms of alternative medicines are essential to living a full and happy lifestyle. These elements increase natural chemical flow within your brain which helps cannabinoids receptors react with improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Our hemp buds are organically grown and from the finest genetics hemp flower has to offer. Greenhouse and indoor hemp are our specialties.

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The primary objective for marijuana breeders and growers for many years was to increase the level of THC in cannabis strains in order to meet market dem’’and. With the recognition of the effects of CBD, a market for CBD-rich hemp varieties has emerged in recent years.

Cbd rich hemp buds

In addition to cannabinoids, terpenes also play an important role in your hemp flower experience. Even hemp buds that are low in CBD potency can offer a great experience because strains with rich and diverse terpenes and minor cannabinoids offer a full-spectrum “entourage effect.”

In the world of CBD, we find a great variety of cannabis species and strains that are rich in CBD. Hemp is a type of Cannabis sativa plant, and hemp buds are the flowers of the hemp plant. These buds hold high concentrations of cannabinoids compared to the stalk, leaves, and roots of the plant.

Cannabinoids and Hemp Buds

As Michael Bronstein, co-founder of the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp said, “This situation is akin to someone filling drinking bottles with gasoline and selling it under the label of ‘vodka’.

You can notice this when comparing T-1 with T-1 Reserve or Wife vs Wife Reserve. The CBD potencies below are a snapshot of current selections and subsequent batches could differ in potency. The Plain Jane store website will have the most up to date information.

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For those of you wondering what Plain Jane’s most potent CBD product is, that would be CBD Moon Rocks at about 45.0% CBD. These are hemp buds that are painted with CBD extract and then rolled in kief. They are usually ground or broken in chunks and smoked to consume. CBD moonrocks are one of the most potent products you can buy.