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“Our goal was to stimulate [a feeling of] mild relax[ation] for the body and spirit,” Sagar says of The Alchemist Kitchen’s blend.

Just last month, Mr Fong’s owner Aisa Shelley introduced three CBD drinks at his hip Chinatown cafe, Oliver Coffee. Now, customers can drop in for a golden coconut latte, a rose-infused maple syrup and oat milk latte, or an iced spiced chai latte spiked with fresh ginger — each containing a hefty eight milligram dose of CBD. “People love it,” Shelley says of seasoning drinks with CBD.

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The Alchemist’s Kitchen Photo via The Alchemist’s Kitchen

The Alchemist’s Kitchen, an herbal and retail shop in East Village, has sold CBD oil for years, and some of the food vendors adding CBD oil to their stock have purchased it from them. CEO of the shop Louis Sagar thinks that a growing interest in adding it to food ”is part of the broader movement toward plant-based foods, and whole plant herbal remedies for health and wellness.” It’s not so far off from the growing number of restaurants and coffee shops celebrating the benefits of other natural ingredients, like matcha or turmeric, for example.

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Right around when Kokus started, Nomad’s Indian-inspired fast-casual cafe Inday also rolled out a monthlong CBD-laced veggie bowl, a collaboration with West Village natural skincare store, CAP Beauty. Studded with greens, tomatoes, and chickpeas, the dish came drizzled with an avocado crema blended with the shop’s Daily Hit oil, which is made from a base of avocado and coconut oil, with CBD and other immunity-boosting ingredients.