cbd paste uses

Cbd paste uses

Cannabinoids (including CBD) support this network of receptors. Those who use Melatonin are increasingly searching out hemp based products.

Whole plant extract is sometimes considered as more ‘serious’ than a CBD oil simply down to the potency and flavour of the pastes; but we can tell you that paste is perfect for beginners too.

The real benefits of CBD extracts is that it gives a powerful boost of cannabinoids for the Endocannabinoid System which is part of our bodies ability to achieve natural and healthy bodily function and balance; called homeostasis. This means that the ECS plays a huge role in every essential function in our body. A healthy ECS can have a very wide range of well-being outcomes.

Although, Cannabinoid paste may seem daunting, you will be surprised to learn that it is actually one of the easiest CBD products to take. How to use paste is therefore an easy question to answer.

Benefits of CBD PAste?

CBD Paste is one of the most most effective cannabinoid products available in the UK! If you can imagine the power of untouched raw hemp flowers that have been squeezed into a tube. They are rammed with naturally occurring cannabinoids, fatty acids, terpenes and waxes; just as nature intended. If you need something that has mother nature’s stamp of approval, that it potent, raw and completely natural then a CBD paste is what you need. This is the true whole plant experience.

You’re in luck! We stock potentially the best full-spectrum and organic CBD pastes in the UK (or at least we think). They contain not only a wide range of phytochemicals but a potent dose of naturally occurring CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBC and THC (0.2%) (from a Sativa strain). Paste has a ‘wow’ factor that very few CBD products can provide and is the most re-purchased item in our range.

If you are here to learn about usage and benefits there is a tone of valuable information further down the page :D!

Benefits of CBD Paste & Full Plant Raw Hemp extract

Compared to the other products, the benefit of the paste is that you are given a potent, fast acting dose of Cannabinoids (including CBD). It is certainly not for the faint hearted but certainly a very effective product…that’s for sure! Every single paste you can by buy should be at the very minimum a full-spectrum product which takes advantage of the entourage effect. Anything else will be substandard.

Being creative is something we love, and once you get the hang of how CBD interacts with your body you can keep experimenting and creating your own home brews that are perfectly suited to your body. The benefits of this are that you get the full-spectrum punch of the whole plant without the strong hempy flavours. All you need is a carrier oil (like Olive Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, MCT Oil, Coconut Oil or an already infused CBD Oil) and your tube of Cannabinoid Paste or raw hemp extract. First, you need to measure how much CBD you would like to have in your oil- there is 1000mg of CBD in the paste. Squeeze the raw hemp extract into the bottom of the bottle then add the carrier oil of your chose. Put the lid on and give this a really good shake until the clumps of paste have disappeared; this could take some time.

Cbd paste uses

Because while the effects are somewhat comparable to those of CBD oil, its usage is far from the same. Starting with the fact that the hemp extracts we’re describing are not at all liquid at room temperature. Hence why they don’t come in a bottle with a dropper, like most of our oils do. Instead, you’ll receive a syringe with the thick paste-like structure when you order CBD Paste at Dutch Natural Healing.

In other words, hemp paste contains just enough THC to support Cannabidiol’s entourage effect – but an insufficient amount to provide you with a high or stoned feeling. Just like our oils, CBD Paste is therefor safe and legal to use and possess in most parts of the world.

While some producers supplement their CBD Paste with a bit of cocoa butter or coconut oil for – as they say – ‘easier use’. We do not believe in processing these raw hemp derivates at all. So we make sure our products are immediately packed and stored after extraction. Keeping our hemp extracts fresh and as close to the natural composition of the plant as possible; for the best possible effects on your endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Full spectrum hemp extract

Often, CBD paste contains a higher concentration of cannabinoids compared to most ‘standard’ CBD oils. In our case, we’re looking at approximately 16,5% of CBD in the paste compared to 8% of the cannabinoid in our signature oil. Hence why it is more difficult to enjoy a low dosage of Cannabidiol with this type of extracts; compared to when you use CBD oil. Accordingly, high-CBD hemp extracts are better suited for taking larger doses when trying to battle more serious issues.

With the right CBD Paste dose on your finger, you can then place the ‘blob’ under your tongue. Where the enzymes in your saliva will break down much of the paste’s structure, allowing your body to absorb the active ingredients better. The majority of the active ingredients is then quickly absorbed through receptors in the mouth’s mucous tissue. While the rest is absorbed by the digestive system after it is swallowed.

Using and dosing of hemp CBD Paste

Moreover, pure hemp extracts like CBD Paste might also contain a variety of plant natural terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic compounds which give hemp their unique smell. Furthermore, terpenes are also important assets to support the entourage effect of cannabinoids. Some of the terpenes you might find in a high quality CBD paste include Myrcene, Pinene and Limonene to name a few. All substances you will also find in our original 8% CBD oil. Accordingly, the effects of CBD Paste are also comparable to the effects of CBD oil. Using and dosing CBD paste however, is a completely different story.

CBD oil might be one of the best known cannabinoid-supplements on the market today. Though it sure isn’t the only hemp-derived food supplement, used by millions of people in hopes to improve their health and well-being. CBD Paste for example, is a hemp derived extract that’s certainly worth mentioning. But what exactly is CBD Paste, how to use it and what benefits can you expect?