cbd online mobile banking

Cbd online mobile banking

Account to Account Transfer

Penalties & Fees

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Simply dial our 24-hour Call Centre hotline, 600 540 000 and transfer money instantly to your own accounts or other account holders within Emirates NBD by simply providing the destination account number.

Inward Telegraphic Transfer

The Commercial Bank of Dubai offers all three new generation eDirham cards (Hala, Gold and Signature). The Hala card comes with a credit/balance limit of AED 10000, while Gold and Signature cards have higher credit limits.

Send an SMS to 4266 using the following SMS code:

How to apply

You can get the new generation eDirham cards through the CBD website, at any of our branches, at an Al Fardan Exchange outlet, or through CBD’s official app. The following nominal fees apply:

What documents are required?

EACT ^ Last 4 digits of card number ^ 10-digit card token number ^ card pin code (Where, ^ refers to SPACE)

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