cbd oil weedmaps

Cbd oil weedmaps

What we found was that the topic is too complex to cover in a social post or article. To adequately convey the message, it was necessary to establish the history, examine the issues and educate viewers on a deeper level. Nearly every person we interviewed has committed their lives to cannabis. These are people’s real lives. We really strove to show what they were going through, and what they had, and still have, to overcome.

So far, the project’s landing page has generated more than 12,000 pageviews over 6,200 sessions, with the clips garnering 66,000+ total impressions on YouTube.

Ahead of the episodes’ release, Weedmaps promoted the trailer on all social platforms, including YouTube, Twitter and IGTV. The IGTV trailer was viewed over 20,000 times. On launch day, we took an integrated approach, and had all three episodes go live on the Uprooted landing page. Over the days following the launch, we continued to drive traffic to the Uprooted landing page via press coverage, banner ads on our consumer facing platform, and through posts on our social channels. We also launched all three episodes on IGTV and Facebook on Sept. 28.

Can you talk a bit about the production process?

Next, in “Patients Left Behind,” we hear stirring tales from the front, as practitioners describe how the promise of medicinal marijuana can frequently go unfulfilled:

We originally planned for the series to have five episodes, but we ended up moving forward with three for our first season, in the interest of making production deadlines.

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Are you hoping people will take some specific acton, or affect changes in public policy?

Secondarily, the audience consists of people outside California in states that are in the process of or considering legalization. The state made many missteps that could be avoided in future markets as they come online.

The primary target audience here was cannabis consumers in California. The goal was to shine a light on the fact that, for those who voted for Prop 64, their intent has not been carried out fully. The promise a lot of people thought they were buying into has not been fulfilled. Oftentimes, people don’t realize people around them are struggling. We’re attempting to appeal to the heart. We hope that by telling the story through the eyes of the people living it, Californians would be motivated to pay closer attention.

Cbd oil weedmaps

The WM Business side allows the company to bundle software offerings together to offer a "business-in-a-box" product that complements the Weedmaps platform.

WM Technology is a tech and software infrastructure provider for the cannabis industry, consisting of its B2C platform Weedmaps and its B2B software WM Business.

See the full interview here:

During its most recent earnings report, WM Technology reported quarterly earnings of 2 cents per share, which beat the estimate of 1 cent per share.

Beals went on to talk about the company's data collect, delivery potential, 2021 highlights and more.

"For $500 a month a cannabis retailer can basically get up and running [and] participate in the marketplace," Beals said.

Beals described the Weedmaps business as an Amazon.com Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN)-like marketplace for cannabis where users can browse a virtual shopping mall for cannabis products. Businesses using Weedmaps are able to promote their companies on the platform and appear more prominently on the marketplace.

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