cbd oil in germany

Cbd oil in germany

Regulatory Authorities

CBD can be used as an active ingredient in cosmetics. However, CBD cosmetics have to comply with the restrictions that originate from the German Narcotics Act and the EU Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.

1.7 Enforcement

Untrained Physicians

Cannabis, defined in the BtMG as “marijuana, plants and parts of plants belonging to the genus cannabis”, is listed in two annexes in the BtMG.

CMS Germany

Difficulties in Establishing Brand Recognition for Medicinal Cannabis

Cbd oil in germany

“Yes, I understand that there are risks involved with it. I mean, if we are looking at the usage of cannabis for minors and everything, then of course, we need to address that in the details,” he said.

The documents specify that licensed shops will be allowed to sell cannabis to adults, but apart from that there are not many details.

There has been some criticism of the plan, specifically from parts of the Christian democratic CDU party that governed Germany for 16 years under Angela Merkel.

One is the Sanity Group which specialises in medical cannabis products as well as self-care products containing cannabis CBD oil, which is extracted from the cannabis plant.

Germany’s new coalition

Before the parties started governing together, they agreed on a coalition contract of over 170 pages which is where the move towards legalisation of cannabis for recreational use is set out.

The leaves will be turned into cannabis flour and used in legal medical marijuana products.

“And as a police officer I have my doubts about this because it will change the society. But also, for us in the police, we will with some certainty get more work to do.”

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Concerns over criminal gangs

A former slaughterhouse in Dresden, Germany is now home to row after row of cannabis plants.

It would be similar to the legislation that is in place in Canada and some US states.

Cbd oil in germany

In 2017, the German government amended the Narcotics Law, distinguishing between cannabis for medical and non-medical use. This law includes exemptions on hemp and its derivatives, including cannabidiol.

During the 60s, hemp was grown in small quantities, and following the amendments on the Narcotics Law in 1982 in West Germany, the crop was outlawed except when used for scientific research.

Due to its similar appearance to marijuana, hemp was considered a dangerous plant for a long time. While both hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants, they differ in the cannabinoid profile they produce.

If you live in Germany, the best brands to check out are Nordic Oil and Endoca.

A Brief History of Cannabis Laws in Germany

Germany started growing hemp again after the Second World War but fulfilled only 20% of the domestic hemp demand and had to import the rest from nearby countries like Italy.

Learn about Germany’s historical and current hemp laws, and view our list of approved CBD brands currently servicing the German public. We’ll also discuss what led to Germany’s rise to the top of the European cannabis market in recent years.

The rules on CBD hemp flowers are more specific, and authorities prohibit their sale over the counter because they’re unprocessed. Hemp flowers abundant in THC are only sold for scientific purposes or commercial use.

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Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

Germany has a rich history of using hemp and medical marijuana. For more than three decades, the European superpower prohibited hemp, allowing its cultivation only for scientific and research purposes.

It’s best to order CBD products from companies operating out of Europe. They offer the fastest shipping times and closely stick to European CBD laws.