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Shopping for the best CBD brands? Head to Holland & Barrett, the first major retailer to bring CBD to the high street – and they’re in their famous Penny sale too. CBD oil has taken hold of the United Kingdom and it’s not showing signs of loosening its grip any time soon. The number of people using CBD oil for its health Holland Barrett CBD Oil UK: Reviews, Benefits, Offers, Price, Where To Buy? Holland Barrett CBD Oil UK What makes this survey so fascinating is the manner by which large the Holland Barrett CBD

5 favourite CBD brands at Holland & Barrett you need to know about

July 28, 2021 – 10:04 BST Carla Challis Shopping for the best CBD brands? Head to Holland & Barrett, the first major retailer to bring CBD to the high street – and they’re in their famous Penny sale too.

CBD is the hottest ingredient of the moment, but it can be a minefield if you’re a first timer, trying to find the best CBD products and brands for you and your needs. That’s where Holland & Barrett comes in.

As the first major retailer to bring high-quality CBD products to the high street, Holland & Barrett is home to some of the widest range of innovative CBD products and is the one place to head to if you have a question or two about choosing CBD.

But the best news? Many of their CBD products (and other ranges) are now available in the famous Holland & Barrett Penny Sale! Simply buy two products and receive the cheapest for a penny.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, known as CBD, is a non-addictive food supplement sourced from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. Praised by wellness experts and influencers, high-quality CBD products run no risk of you getting ‘high’ when using it – something people are often concerned about.

Every line of CBD that Holland & Barrett carries is packed with quality CBD, and has the THC, the psychoactive element, carefully controlled. Holland & Barrett only sells CBD that meets its highest standards for purity, quality, and safety as backed by leading trade associations and expert laboratories (the HFMA, EIHA and FERA Science).

Which CBD strength is for me?

All CBD products state their strengths on the packaging – sometimes it’s in percentage, sometimes it’s shown in milligrams. Head to the Holland & Barrett Health Hub or ask an Holland & Barrett colleague if you’re in the shop to help understand the guidelines, and work out the best choice for you.

Holland & Barrett experts recommend starting with a lower level and building up to the recommended daily dosage.

What are the best CBD products?

Traditionally taken in oil form, the CBD range is also available in a variety of forms to suit your lifestyle, from gummies to foot creams, pillow sprays, body balms and even tea bags!

5 favourite CBD brands

Grass & Co

New to Holland & Barrett, Grass & Go brings a range formulated with vitamins and botanicals to support your daily wellness, from bone and muscle health to mental performance. The Rest CBD Oil has been fortified with vitamin B2, B5, B12, lavender and hops to help reduce tiredness and fatigue and support the nervous system, too.

Rest CBD Oil, £39.49, Holland & Barrett



Also new to Holland & Barrett, Vitabiotics has been produced with certified CBD from Brains Bioceutical, a global leader in CBD. Formulations have been designed to increase advanced absorption and are suitable for vegetarians. This new CBD oil plus Vitamin D is formulated to support your immunity and maintain bone health.

Vitabiotics Brains CBD 500mg, £33.95, Holland & Barrett



New and exclusive, Reakiro lemon and apple flavoured gummies are a tasty and convenient way to take CBD on the go. Tracing CBD from source to sale, this brand focuses on quality and innovation for the best hemp products. All of their products, including oils, capsules and sprays, are vigorously tested for impurities and toxins, and are gluten-free.

Reakiro gummies, £29.99, Holland & Barrett


Jacob Hooy

Holland & Barrett’s heritage brand partner, Jacob Hooy, has been trading for over 270 years and even been awarded the title of Purveyor to the Royal Household. Suitable for vegans, Jacob Hooy controls the entire manufacturing process, from seed to shelf, to ensure fully-traceable, high quality full spectrum CBD.

Choose from CBD Oil, Capsules, Hand Cream, Foot Cream, Skin Oil, Serum, Mask & Tea Bags – you will find something to suit you whatever your need.

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Jacob Hooy CBD Oil, £59.99, Holland & Barrett


Love Hemp

For flavoured CBD, try Love Hemp. They offer naturally great tasting flavoured sprays and oils in orange, peppermint and raspberry, in various strengths. You can also find unflavoured capsules and sprays, with the range 100% traceable from source, and double batch tested.

Love Hemp CBD Spray Raspberry, £29.99, Holland & Barrett


New Products include, Grass & Co, Vitabiotics and Reakiro gummies. Penny Sale Ends 24/08/21, selected items, cheapest item 1p, subject to availability. Participating stores. 18+ Only. Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Always read the label.

Holland and Barrett CBD: Should You Buy? The Pros & Cons (2022)

CBD oil has taken hold of the United Kingdom and it’s not showing signs of loosening its grip any time soon. The number of people using CBD oil for its health benefits doubled from 2017 to 2018, and the more aware people become of CBD products, the more the popularity of CBD oils grows. One reason for this uptick in consumer awareness is that CBD products are sold on the high street. Holland and Barrett (a popular high street health store), in particular, introduced CBD oil in January of 2018 (Jacob Hooy CBD oil). Sadly, their CBD oil is very disappointing. Here’s our Holland and Barrett CBD oil review (updated for 2022).

Holland and Barrett CBD oil

Jacob Hooy CBD+

We know as well as anyone that the popularity of a product has nothing to do with its quality.

People intuitively trust Holland and Barrett because of the name recognition, but that doesn’t mean the CBD products sold are the best in the market. Even with many alternative CBD sellers, people still choose Holland and Barrett. Because of this, our team believes they are worth looking into a bit deeper.

Let’s see if the CBD brand sold at high street store Holland and Barrett live up to what CBD products should be.

Running short of time?

No time to read our full review for Jacob Hooy CBD at Holland & Barrett? Here’s our verdict: AVOID! The CBD oil from Holland & Barrett is extremely weak, ineffective and a waste of your money. If you’re looking for the best CBD oil in the UK, we recommend Blessed CBD.

Jacob Hooy CBD Oil Review

Jacob Hooy is a popular Dutch CBD brand sold at Holland and Barrett that deserves a closer look.

Founded in 1743, this family-operated company is a very well-known brand. Its name alone makes it trustworthy for many people.

Jacob Hooy CBD oil is made using the seeds of the hemp plant. A superfood in its own right, hempseed oil is regularly used as a health food supplement and contains minerals, vitamins, amino acids, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid.

Here are the prices of their oils:

  • 10ml: 2.75% strength: £19.99
  • 30ml: 2.75% strength: £39.99
  • 10ml: 5% strength: £29.99
  • 30ml: 5% strength: £59.99

We’re genuinely disappointed (and shocked) with Jacob Hooy’s “CBD” oil sold at Holland and Barrett. And we’ll tell you why shortly.

First, let’s go over the positives with Holland & Barrett’s CBD oil.

Why Choose Holland & Barrett CBD?

Lab-tested to ensure legal THC limit

There are no problems when it comes to testing. Jacob Hooy regularly tests its oil to make sure it’s tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels are less than 0.05%, far less than the legal limit.

Sadly, that’s all the praise we have for Jacob Hooy’s CBD oil sold at Holland and Barrett.

Let’s talk about the problems.

What Could Be Better?

Vague on the details

The first thing that really caught our team by surprise is the amount of vagueness surrounding this product. The website and the labelling tells you very little about what you’re putting inside of your body, as well as having a very small CBD range.

The wording used is CBD+ oil. Most people probably take this to mean that there is more than just the CBD cannabinoid present in the oil. Even if you read it another way, the point is there’s just no way to tell because no other cannabinoid is listed or even mentioned elsewhere.

Another area of interest is the use of hemp seed oil as the source of CBD. Hemp seeds don’t contain a ton of cannabinoids, especially cannabidiol. If this is where the CBD is coming from, you’re not getting much in terms of CBD. In fact, you’re wasting your money.

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The 2.75% CBD oil from Jacob Hooy did not even register for anyone on our team. Some people didn’t bother using the oil at all because it was that weak. The ones that did use it had to double or triple their daily dosage to feel anything. The 5% 30ml bottle should have lasted for much longer than it did, but expect it to last two weeks or less.

The short amount of time the bottle lasts makes the price seem far from being a good deal.


In our opinion, it takes way too long to feel anything (if anything at all).

Holland and Barrett are selling a CBD oil that is safe and semi-effective, but there are far better brands on the UK market to consider instead.

The vagueness, low level of an active substance, poor effectiveness and lack of strength in this oil should be a problem to a store the public has trusted with their well-being.

Why Choose Blessed CBD?

Transparency leads to buyer confidence

One of the most upsetting things following the legalization of CBD was a lack of information. Brands knew there were no laws in place and they could claim just about anything when it came to the quality and concentration of their oils.

At Blessed CBD, they do things differently.

Blessed CBD lets you know where the hemp they use comes from, the methods and the exact ingredients you are ingesting. There is no reason to wonder if products are safe, if they are legal or if they are organic. That information is right on the label and site.

The more information customers have, the better.

Their goal is to have each person who buys Blessed CBD oil to be able to purchase it with confidence that they are spending their money on the right product.

CBD means something more

Blessed CBD didn’t take entering the CBD business lightly, but knew that their dedication and commitment to CBD oil demanded to spread the right information to the public.

The family behind Blessed has had a lot of success themselves using CBD oil for various conditions, and have faith in their product to improve long-term health.


Blessed CBD clearly looks to natural products for relief; the family not only avoids synthetic medications, but also synthetic ingredients in their CBD oil.

The best farming practices are used to maintain the quality of the hemp and there are no additives, preservatives or flavours added. What you’re getting is 100% natural.

Premium Grade

The hemp used is grown in one of the best places on earth: Colorado. These farms adhere to the strictest rules and regulations, resulting in hemp oil that has high cannabinoid profiles and no pesticides or herbicides.

The company also uses the safest methods of extraction that maintain the integrity of the CBD and gets it into your bloodstream fast for highly effective relief.


We regret to say this, but the Jacob Hooy CBD oil from Holland & Barrett must be avoided. If you’re looking for a premium, reliable and effective CBD oil, we highly suggest buying from Blessed CBD.

Everyone here at Quitnet uses the innovative products from Blessed CBD on a daily basis, and we cannot recommend them enough.

Holland Barrett CBD Oil UK: Reviews, Benefits, Offers, Price, Where To Buy?

Holland Barrett CBD Oil UK What makes this survey so fascinating is the manner by which large the Holland Barrett CBD Oil UK range is, and the way that disputable it is. As a general rule, it appears to be that most UK clients began with these items, or still take them. However, is the Holland Barrett CBD Oil UK any benefit? This audit will ideally address that inquiry. Before pondering purchasing from H&B, you should look at our rundown of the best CBD Oil Items from the UK or continue to peruse the audit. Holland and Barrett is likewise remembered for our best CBD oil for Fledglings page.

What Is Holland Barrett CBD Oil UK?

There was heaps of energy about Holland Barrett CBD Oil UK however not very many individuals (even those selling it) knew what it would do; it was only the way that it was from Weed and it was great for you. In spite of it being a developing industry, the suppliers were primarily more modest retailers who sold items from the EU or made in the shower (indeed, in someone’s shower). Holland and Barrett were actually the principal high-road retailer to make a fight about CBD and crushed the business with an enormous showcasing effort and cost drop involving Jacob Hooy as their leader. It set the business land and put CBD into the standard. Truly, we have a great deal to says thanks to Jacob Hooy and Holland and Barrett for that. If not for this time organizations like Provacan, Healthspan and Favored CBD wouldn’t exist.

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Benefits Of Holland Barrett CBD Oil UK!

While the items may not be the primary items that we would suggest, truly, you could do as such, such a lot of more regrettable! The primary issues with the items is that they are conflicting in their quality Holland Barrett CBD Oil UK content and have time, and time again been gotten out for not containing what is publicized, however these Immense organizations appear to pull off it. To turn out a portion of the more sure viewpoints, the oil is made utilizing an entire plant extricate and is really has a seriously decent collection of positive surveys. At the cost, you get a ton for your cash especially during the ‘penny deals’.

How To Use Holland Barrett CBD Oil UK?

Truth be told, these outcomes aren’t that amazing nowadays. It isn’t the initial occasion when the quality or consistency of the Holland Barrett CBD Oil UK has come into question. As we would see it we truly don’t accept that this has been done deliberately we unequivocally imagine that this proposes a culture low quality or consistency control, and Holland and Barrett as an organization might be incompletely to fault. The manner by which enormous organizations like Holland and Barrett work is really terrible with regards to a provider. These organizations should give an uncommon measure of item without installment forthright, then, at that point, should give x sum incase of wastage.

Is Holland and Barrett CBD Oil Any Benefit?

We absolutely believe that like all immense corporate organizations, the Holland Barrett CBD Oil UK range gets impacted on standing alone, however there are a fair couple of individuals who attempt it and think it turns out great. With the full information that the Jacob Hooy surveys that we have heard may not be exact, we figured we would check the oils out. Actually, we felt that they were damn really great for a few reasons. The was obviously made utilizing a hemp glue (which is expressed too on the site) and contained all the regular plant matter that makes the Hemp plant unique. We a truly into entire plant oils and items, so for us this was a colossal alleviation. The more slender, more refined oils simply don’t do the occupation too.

Where To Buy Holland Barrett CBD Oil UK?

As you can see from the above string, Reddit for the most part has a negative disposition towards Holland Barrett CBD Oil UK . The top remark on this string is not exactly free with regards to the CBD oil, and there are different strings on the stage where individuals express that the Jacob Hooy Holland and Barrett CBD is nothing but bad by any means. Reddit has an energetic and learned CBD people group, so we like 100% of the time to investigate the audits on there for straightforward counsel.

Holland Barrett CBD Oil UK surveys

On the Holland and Barrett item pages they gather surveys from clients, and right now the 5% Holland Barrett CBD Oil UK is sitting with a rating of 3.8 out of 5 from more than 800 audits (see picture above). Generally the audits are really blended, with numerous clients giving a 5 star rating yet additionally numerous clients leaving a 1 star survey. Intriguing that the clients leaving 5 star surveys assume that the oil works effectively, while a large portion of the 1 star audits notice that the oil doesn’t taste extraordinary and that it is too feeble to even consider helping them in any capacity. In general this is an extremely blended rating for the Jacob Hooy Holland Barrett CBD Oil UK, and it’s fascinating to perceive how divided individuals are on this.

Last Words

To gather Holland Barrett CBD Oil UK survey we might want to get some information about your encounters. Go ahead and add a remark to the page and give your opinion about the oils we are checking on!

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