cbd oil hangover cure

Cbd oil hangover cure

Most people start recovering from hangovers within a few hours of developing symptoms and will feel back to normal within a day. But in the meantime, you may find yourself practically bedridden and canceling the day’s plans until you feel like yourself again.

1. Reduces Effects of Headaches and Brain Fog

CBD oil can come in vials or as roll-ons for applying it directly to your skin. Roll-ons work well if you have localized pain in one part of your body, such as a sore lower back. You can administer the oil directly where you need it for targeted relief, but it might take a long time for the oil to absorb into your bloodstream to the point you notice the effects.

The Best Types of CBD Products for Hangovers

When you drink alcohol, the liver can break down approximately 90-98% of it at the rate of ten grams (one standard drink) per hour. This process transforms the alcohol into a harmless blend of carbon dioxide and water that your system expels naturally.

Cbd oil hangover cure

Irrespective of the cause, CBD with its anti-anxiety properties helps to fight all kinds of anxiety disorders. It also has antidepressant effects. CBD is a great option for treating generalized anxiety disorders [8] , and in fact, works better than most anti-anxiety medications.

Studies [4] have reported that CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory compound and the best part is CBD does not interact adversely with alcohol. And unlike the anti-inflammatory drugs, CBD doesn’t cause liver toxicity.

To know about all the benefits CBD offers in treating hangovers, let us first know the symptoms and how the symptoms affect us.

Risk & Side Effects

There is no clear research on the side effects of CBD. Studies show that CBD when consumed with alcoholic drinks can cause sedation and sleepiness. There are no serious side effects.

Updated on September 8, 2021 – Written by Dr. Lakshmi Vemuri
Medically reviewed by Kathy Shattler, MS, RDN

CBD Can Aid In Nausea And Vomiting

Topical CBD is not absorbed by the bloodstream. If it does, it will be in very minor quantities and hence topical CBD products are not effective in treating the symptoms of a hangover such as anxiety and depression. However, topical CBD products are useful for treating the aches and pains caused by hangovers. Use topical CBD lotions, salves, creams, balms on the desired area and rub gently and they will serve the purpose of reducing pain.

In addition to this, these effects may vary between individuals, so this makes it difficult to determine whether mixing both affect all of them in similar ways. Moreover, most of the research conducted in recent times focuses on the effects of drinking alcohol in high amounts with CBD, instead of the effects of few alcoholic drinks. Effects of moderate and occasional consumption are not known.