cbd oil georgia

Cbd oil georgia

MMJ patients who exceed the 20 fluid ounce limit also face legal difficulties. It remains illegal to cultivate cannabis in Georgia. The growth of any amount of marijuana plants is a felony with a mandatory minimum prison term of one year, rising to 10 years.

Technically, the answer is ‘no.’ The Georgia Hemp Farming Act does not allow for the addition of CBD to foods, beverages, dietary supplements, or animal feed. You can buy CBD gummies online and have them shipped to your door. However, this is potentially a risk as you are breaking the law in Georgia.

CBD Licensing Requirements

House Bill 1 also authorized universities to research CBD oil to investigate if it could be a viable method of helping children with seizure disorders. However, these new rules came with conditions, the key one being that patients could only access cannabis oil that contained no more than 5% THC.

Then farmers must apply for a Georgia Hemp Grower License. The fee is $50 per acre cultivated to a maximum of $5,000. Only at this point is it possible to commence growing hemp in the state of Georgia. It became possible to cultivate hemp there in 2020, and the hope is that it could become the next big crop in the Peach State.

Can You Buy THC Oil Online Legally in Georgia?

Only people aged 18+ can register as low THC oil patients. Minors must have a parent or legal guardian apply on their behalf. Regarding CBD oil from hemp in Georgia, there doesn’t seem to be a set age limit. Nonetheless, you can expect most physical stores to ask for ID as they don’t usually sell to anyone aged 17 or under.

Cbd oil georgia

Does the law allow Georgians to possess other forms of marijuana?

Note: 1-866-PUB-HLTH will be staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and will be available to verify whether a person is current in the registry.

Information on Front of Card:

How does the law compare to laws in other states which have adopted medical marijuana?

Cards will be valid for two years from the date they are issued. The expiration date can be found on the front of the card. If you believe a card has expired, please call 1-866-PUB-HLTH to verify the card is no longer valid.

Information on Back of Card:

No. The law does not legalize the possession of any types of marijuana in Georgia except 20 fluid ounces of low THC oil for persons with a valid Georgia Low THC Registry Card. Under House Bill 324, businesses licensed by the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission may grow marijuana for the purposes of manufacturing low THC oil and dispensing of low THC oil in Georgia. Possession of any other form of marijuana by anyone not authorized to possess it remains a violation of state and federal law.

Cards may be laminated to protect the information printed on them by the Office of Vital Records.

Low THC oil packaging may vary in appearance. However, the law requires that the low THC oil be “in a pharmaceutical container labeled by the manufacturer indicating the percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol therein,” be less than 5 percent tetrahydrocannabinol by weight, and that the amount of oil in the container – or containers – not exceed 20 fluid ounces total.