cbd oil extraction methods

Cbd oil extraction methods

Recently, companies like Tribe CBD have even turned to a more natural extraction method, through lipid extraction. This method uses a natural oil, like MCT oil, and a highly pressurized environment to extract CBD from plant material. For more information on Tribe’s unique methods, check here.

Not all CBD is created equal. The quality of a CBD product starts at the seed, moves to the way a hemp plant is grown and finishes with the method of extraction. Finding a high-quality CBD product that you can rely on will leave you with a few things to factor in, one of them being the method of extraction used for your CBD product.

The growing popularity of CBD is ever on the rise as its potential benefits become more mainstream. CBD is produced and made into a variety of products like edibles, topicals, and oils – each offering a different form of potential relief.

While each extraction method will have its pros and cons, the one that overwhelmingly presents less cons is the CO2 extraction method. Though it can be more costly for CBD companies, it creates the most reliable and concentrated form of CBD. With no toxic residues, high concentrations and the overall safety of the extraction method, CO2 extraction is the preferred method.

Three Common Methods Of Extraction

Knowing where your product came from and how it was manufactured will give you a better idea of what CBD products will actually work for you. Quality, purity and potency all can depend on the method of extraction. So let’s break down what you should be looking for:

First, let’s define what a CBD extract actually is. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of many natural compounds found in hemp and cannabis sativa plants. CBD extract refers to the process and form that comes from extracting the sought after cannabinoids from the plant. With consideration to the extraction process, we also have to consider the different spectrums of CBD that can result: broad-spectrum, full-spectrum and isolate. A CBD extract, in simple terms, is what is extracted from hemp and cannabis sativa plants, to then be manufactured into consumable or appliable products.

Extraction is necessary to make usable CBD products. When CBD is extracted from hemp and cannabis plants it is in the form of a concentration, which is effective for human use. This concentrated extract is only useful because of the decarboxylate process (application of heat). When ingesting cannabinoids through a capsule, edible or oil, the decarboxylation is needed for our bodies to absorb the active ingredients. On the other hand, dried cannabis and hemp can partially decarboxylate, and if smoked (aka, heated) the cannabinoids get fully decarboxylated.

What Is CBD Extract?

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Synthetic solvents are generally considered the most likely to damage the final product, as it leaves significant residues, hindering healthy consumption. Indeed, the main drawback is that the solvent extracts not only the natural cannabinoids and terpenes but also the chlorophyll, which can lead to undesirable side effects. In addition, after extraction, the compounds may be denatured or degraded.

The carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction method is considered the safest because CO2 is a non-volatile element. Used for decades in a multitude of industries, such as coffee or essential oils.

This method is by far the most respectful of the plant but also of the environment. The only problem is that this method has a rather low yield. It requires a lot of material to produce little oil. For this reason, this method is very little used on a large scale.

CBD solvent extraction

After the CBD oil is extracted from hemp or cannabis, the process of “winterization” begins. This process removes impurities and unwanted elements that have made it through the extraction process, such as fats, lipids and waxes.

Popular solvents include ethanol, butane, hexane etc.

Cold press CBD extraction

To get all the benefits of this natural plant, it is important to consume good quality products that meet certain criteria. CBD oil is the most popular product of the molecule and must be manufactured following a precise extraction process.

Yes, it is definitely possible. Check out our article on making your own CBD oil at home.