cbd oil black owned

Cbd oil black owned

The trauma did not end in my youth. In 2017 I was the target of a random shooting while driving on I-70 in St. Louis. The trauma of the shooting was delayed and didn’t set in until about a year later. Now I’m on edge every time I drive on a highway, especially in St. Louis.

Now, let’s take a look at 5 black-owned CBD companies you should know!

When deciding between non-minority-owned businesses, check to see how inclusive their team is or if everyone is from the same walk of life.

Why Supporting Minority-Owned Businesses Matters?

Their products are formulated to help you reclaim your power by returning to nature. Nature delivers much of what we need to live a healthy and balanced life, and nature connects us all.

The company plans to continue investing in its community, with an event later this spring to encourage wellness conversations between mothers and daughters.

Brown Girl Jane’s products include oils for both internal and external use.

Malaika Jones, Nia Jones and Tai Beauchamp are the founders of Brown Girl Jane.

Part of that effort has included the company’s #BrownGirlSwap social media campaign, which called on people to exchange five of their daily beauty products for those made by Black women-owned brands. Its success has spurred a $250,000 grant, in partnership with SheaMoisture, for Black women wellness entrepreneurs, as well as a semester-long, paid internship program for Black college students.

Founded by sisters Malaika Jones and Nia Jones, as well as Tai Beauchamp, Brown Girl Jane aims to build a community around its line of plant-based CBD products, including body butters, facial serums, candles and oils for both internal and external use.

Courtesy of Brown Girl Jane

“Our purpose when launching the brand was to really be a part of the solution, because we know that the legislation has been unfair towards Black and Brown communities,” adds Nia. “We wanted to use this platform to elevate and support our community as well as diversify an industry that’s historically shut out Black and Brown people.”

Courtesy of Brown Girl Jane

And the market has only continued to grow: In January, rapper Jay-Z announced a $10 million fund to invest in people of color-owned cannabis startups, and today actor Jaleel White of Urkel fame launched a new cannabis line in partnership with 710 Labs. All the while, Black women-owned CBD company Brown Girl Jane has been on a mission to change the way women of color think about their wellness routines.