cbd oil anxiety reddit

Cbd oil anxiety reddit

Sadly, my anxiety was very intense this morning. So I took 5 drops and another 5 drops 1 hour later. I could feel a noisy sensation in my nerves and for a period of time my anxiety became even worse. 2 hours later I feel ok but not great.

It may have to do with the fact that I reduced my weed / THC intake yesterday evening.

I'm a 30 years old male diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder, general anxiety disorder and a heavy addiction (I "parked" my addiction at weed since most of my ancestors are lifelong alcoholics).

To sum things up: I feel uncertain about CBD dosaging and THC reduction (smoking weed) at the same time and treating my anxiety in general.

I started yesterday with 4 drops of 5% CBD oil. The results were stunning, I almost cried out of pure joy. For the first time in years I was free of anxiety and stress. I could feel real "fun" as I was playing videogames with a friend.

Greetings from Berlin, Andre

After 10 years of smoking weed daily and my last years burnout, I had a lot of time to think about my health. The reason I smoke weed is, that I suffer from stress / anxiety since I can think. Sometimes I wake up from my anxiety in the morning. It's so bad that I cant work or have a normal life anymore.

Cbd oil anxiety reddit

I think on the issue of using marijuana derived compounds, people often forget that while there may be great benefits to it, it is still a drug that you may develop a dependence on. Because of this there aren't a lot of studies being funded to figure out the safety of how to deliver CBD into the body.

We get a lot of questions about this, so let's just do it for our QOTW! Share you experiences, good and bad, with CBD here.

I have been suffering from anxiety my whole life. I have to say it is, compared to a lot of others here, not very strong. I was, except for a handful of panic attacks, always able to function. That's why my CBD experience might be different/stronger that for many others.

I was walking outside and the first difference I felt: For the first time in months I had the feeling I saw clearly. I was calm, I had no thoughts racing around my head, I was not pointlessly worried about anything, I had no pressure on my stomach/my chest. At the same time, I was not tired/unfocused/delayed as I have experienced with Weed, but highly focused and just generally okay (not euphoric either).

I've heard that there is the CMCR (Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research) that was developed a couple years ago and they were the ones helped push the use of CBD for epilepsy?

Cbd oil anxiety reddit

I always thought the oil drop to be the most concentrated/strong way to assume CBD.

Hi! I’m getting interested in CBD assumption lately. I tried smoking the “CBD weed” but I almost didn’t find any relief. So I’m trying to understand which solution could I face to get the best effect. Could I ask you more in detail what is your opinion on CBD oil drops and vape liquid?

For me it's more like I don't get stuck in cycles of racing thoughts anymore. I see the rationality pretty quickly after anxious feelings and calm down when I used to get wound up for days. Things kind of seem brighter, it's a very subtle yet totally encompassing feeling for me.

Maybe I need to give it another shot then. How many days did it take for you to really notice changes?

The worst part was the day after taking benzos all the anxiety comes back, but worse, like it was water held back by a dam.

I've tried CBD many times, in many doses, and I don't get any sense of anxiolysis. I'm very sensitive to GABAergic drugs and always get a strong feeling of anxiety relief from even minor things.

What does the anxiety-reducing property of CBD actually FEEL like to you? Chest lightening, muscles relaxing, less worries, different thoughts? Etc?

I have severe panic disorder with Agoraphobia. In fact I’m on benzodiazepines as needed. At first, I did not think CBD was working. However suddenly I just could do things without the constant worry or struggle. It doesn’t give me a feeling like a benzo. I don’t notice anything except things just seem a little bit easier, my heart rate is a little bit lower, things don’t bother me as much etc. To me, it’s a very subtle effect. Hope that helps!