cbd multiple sclerosis reddit

Cbd multiple sclerosis reddit

Hey all, Have any of you experienced any relief of MS symptoms with the use of CBD tinctures, strains, or oil pills? I'm looking to relieve symptoms of dizziness, general problems with equilibrium, weakness, tingling down my spine when I bend my head down, and fatigue. I think CBD could be a great option for me but I was wondering what you all have experienced. This can be you personally or someone you know. I've done some research and I'm seeing that CBD helps a great deal with pain and inflammation, but nowhere is specifically mentioning the relief of dizziness, etc. I would be so grateful for any input, links, any scraps of information at all.

I was diagnosed with MS 8 years ago at the age of 19. Initially I was on over 10+ pharmaceuticals for symptomatic issues such as muscle weakness, muscle spasms, neurological pain, walking issues, insomnia, head aches, fatigue, and balance problems. Taking all of the pills gave me bad side effects and made me feel like a zombie. I hated it. So I ended up vaporizing medical marijuana, specifically Indica strains with high CBD and was able to replace all of my pharmaceuticals but two; a pain patch and my disease modifying drug.

CBD strains help me the most with neurological pain, muscle spasms, and insomnia. I have had dizziness issues in the past during relapses but some marijuana strains can actually make it worse in my opinion, particularly high THC strains. Be careful that you don't over medicate! As for the L’hermitte's (the zap you get when you put your head down), I experience that as well. I have not found anything marijuana related that makes this go away sadly. In regards to fatigue issues, CBD Indica strains often make me very tired and I typically use them at night. Some Sativa strains can give you more of an energized feeling but usually do not have significant amounts of CBD. As far as the tinctures and pills, I have had a hard time finding CBD products that actually have a high enough amount of CBD for me. I've tried some different products and nothing comes close to the relief I find in vaporizing the CBD Indica strains. This is all my personal experience and as you know, everyone's MS is completely unique. I hope you can find some relief in CBD strains. For me, CBD strains really changed my quality of life for the better and provided me relief the pills never could.

Cbd multiple sclerosis reddit

I was given some, and I've used it. Honestly I really can't tell what it's doing.

That is the most accurate description of the taste I have heard!

It also tastes like a bush peed in your mouth

My sil started on CBD several months ago and her neuro is thrilled. Told her to keep it up.

well i haven't tried it for an ms flare (but i should, bc i'm having one now!) but i did get married 2 months ago and the morning of my wedding i got a very bad flu, throwing up, coughing, etc. my friend said "this is for your anxiety" (she didn't know i had the flu) and put what i later found out was cbd oil under my tongue. my now husband says after that, i was like a different person, calm and not looking sick and acting fun and back to life. so i can say it got me through my wedding for a few hours, then i came home and rode out the flu for a few more days. had never heard of it before but considered it a miracle, i got me through my wedding. the only other time i took it was, i had accidentally taken too much magnesium during the day (usually i take it at night, to help me sleep) and was practically comatose, couldn't get out of bed all day, but i had people coming over. someone reminded me of cbd oil, so i took it and i was again like a different person – able to function, fully alert and back to life. update: i wrote this post, then took cbd oil (thanks for the suggestion) – about 22 minutes later, it kicked in. i can tell because my heart rate is slower and i don't have that panicky feeling anymore. (i took it because i am having a flare and was panicking. this definitely helped.) *edited for spelling

Cbd multiple sclerosis reddit

I do use CBD but it has only been beneficial for my anxiety not my pain. I use Charlotte’s Web, and am happy with the quality. I use a CBD cream during my massages and the product I use is Theramu- they offer a lifetime 50% discount for all MS patients and the owner himself has MS. Just message them on IG or their website and ask for a code.

Spasticity is one of the few symptoms that has been proven by research to be helped by marijuana. So if your mom has spasticity then yes, it could help her and in turn maybe help her walking. I’m not sure if it’s legal in her state but I use it in a muscle balm (1:1 CBD THC) for my legs and it is the only thing that helps relieve the pain from the spasms.

My mom has MS, and has bern trying various brands of CBD oil. Lately she is having real trouble getting around, she has her good and bad days. I have a couple of questions for you guys. 1. What are your experiences with CBD, and which brand worked best for you. And 2) is marijuana better than Cbd for MS? Any answers would be great! Thanks!

However many people believe MS relieves their symptoms, spasticity is just the only one that’s been studied.