cbd made anxiety worse

Cbd made anxiety worse

I’m so glad I read this!! My husband thinks I’m just inventing this, but whatever CBD he uses makes me incredibly restless and anxious. I’m over 50, have seasonal allergies, food intolerances (nuts and nightshade, it’s really annoying…) and am perimenopausal. I respond to and sleep very well when I’m taking antihistamines. I also take anti-anzxiety meds as needed and he’s convinced I just need to CBD and/or THC. I keep telling him that I didn’t have a good response 30 years ago and I’m uninterested in doing something that makes me MORE anxious when I have options that help already. I caved on the CBD and found myself cleaning the house at 2AM because I absolutely could not sleep or sit still and could not stand the thought of leaving the dishes dirty etc. It is real!!

Now, we’re trading anxiety for anger.

We can’t count the number of brands on the market.

Hence the sneezing, coughing, redness, itching, etc.

Links to CBD and anxiety research with dozens of anxiety-specific topics.

The 40-60% above (worse for women and if you’re over age 40) can release too much histamine.

So why the disconnect between studies of CBD in the body across a range of results and what some people are saying on the Reddit boards about CBD making their anxiety worse?

We ask two questions:

There are about 15-20 specific studies referenced and those are just a segment of what’s out there for CBD and anxiety.

The vast majority of what is being pushed on the CBD market is full- spectrum.

This despite the effects on the liver, ability to remove toxins, and tie to dementia (for the anti-histamine):

With this anxiety medication, you take it as needed. But I found that the more I took, the more I needed it. I found myself burning through a 30-day supply pretty quickly and having to call my doctor to get my prescription upped. I was very aware that I wanted and needed more to feel comfortable.

I am concerned about this article because it does not name the medicine that the author first tried. It sounds like she did not try a SSRI which is a first line medicine for anxiety. It sounds like she used a benzodiazepine which can be very effective for anxiety but it is addicting and you build a tolerance to it- hence the immediate effects but need for more medicine over time and withdrawal after she stopped it. For these reasons, benzodiazepines are best used for infrequent use (folks with a fear of flights, needles etc). The reason that I want to point out is that without being specific about her medication, she could increase treatment hesitancy in others – which is already a problem, especially in populations of color. CBD can be helpful for some people, some times but it tends to be expensive and it is not regulated by the government. Lack of government regulation means that you are not guaranteed to have cbd in the products you buy, you are not guaranteed to have the percentage of cbd that is advertised and you are not guaranteed to not have contaminants.

The Prescription Fix

After using CBD for about a year and a half-and being obsessed with it for just about as long-I decided to go work for a CBD company. Eventually, my passion for the product (and how it changed my life) inspired me to start a CBD company of my own: The H. Hemp Company.

Trying CBD for Anxiety

For a long time, I tried to manage it holistically. I take really good care of myself: I eat clean, I exercise, I drink a ton of water, I don't smoke or drink, I meditate, and I do yoga. I was doing absolutely everything to keep my brain and body calm and to relax. But I still felt overstimulated all the time. (Related: Try This Guided Meditation for Anxiety)