cbd live resin for sale

Cbd live resin for sale

They were able to accomplish just that using a machine called OBE-Dos unit. This machine is essentially a closed-loop system which uses ultra-cooled butane. Within this system, the perfect conditions are created for extracting resin from the live cannabis plant. This has become the mainstream method of live resin extraction around the world.

Habit CBD Live Resin

Eventually around 2013, ‘The Godfather of Live Resin Extracts’ teamed up with the founder of EmoTek, a well known cannabis extraction company. Together they went to work figuring out a better way to make legitimate live resin extractions.

In both the recreational cannabis and hemp worlds, Live Resin is probably the most sought after type of concentrate. Live Resin usually has a ‘saucier’ type of consistency, but this can vary. CBD Live Resin is extracted from plant material using solvents and similar processes used to extract other types of concentrates, only there is one key difference. Plant material used for Live Resin is frozen immediately after harvesting to preserve terpenes. Studies have found that over 30% of terpenes within cannabis/hemp plants are destroyed within one week using traditional drying methods(1). Because Live Resin is extracted from material that has retained most of its terpene content through freezing, there is greater flavor and effect.

1. Where can I purchase CBD live resin?

Hawaiian Trainwreck Live Resin

Fruity OG Live Resin

Wild Bourbon Live Resin

Why Sauce Warehouse is the Best Source for CBD Live Resin

Gorilla Cake Live Resin

It is not only cannabinoids that produce an ‘Entourage Effect’ when used together, terpenes are also thought by many to contribute to an overall Entourage Effect(2). And of course, the more terpenes in the material being consumed, the greater the effect. In addition to the more pronounced flavor, the Entourage Effect is surely another reason why Live Resin has become the first choice for many concentrate consumers. 1. 1995 Study from the University of Mississippi
2. Dr. Ethan B. Russo 2011 Entourage Effect Study

Hemp concentrate technology is always evolving, so it’s technically possible an extraction method better than live resin might eventually appear. At present, however, it’s hard to imagine a type of concentrate that more ideally expresses the true nature of hemp flower better than live resin.

It’s even possible to infuse Secret Nature pre-rolls with live resin concentrate. Simply use a dabber or a similar tool to spread a line of concentrate along the outside of your pre-roll’s paper. When you ignite your pre-roll, the concentrate will vaporize and mix with the smoke you inhale.

Secret Nature live resin does not contain any ingredients other than organic, cold-extracted hemp flower concentrate. Let’s examine each of the live resin options we offer in more detail:

You can use Secret Nature CBD live resin even if you don’t have a dab rig or a nectar collector. Our concentrate is easy to scoop out and place on top of a bowl of Secret Nature flower. Taking this approach improves the potency of your flower without requiring any additional equipment aside from your usual pipe or bong.

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Once you’ve tried our CBD Sour Kush or Papaya Nights live resin, make sure to help others find the internet’s best CBD live resin by leaving a review. Use “Secret 15” at checkout to get 15% off your first order.

All this attention to detail would be for nothing, however, if we didn’t start with the best organic hemp flower science can produce. The genetics we use are superior to anything else in the industry, and we only use organic, sustainable processes to cultivate our all-star hemp.

With live resin, it’s now possible to capture and preserve the essence of this special feeling. Most hemp extracts are made with buds that have already been dried and cured, but CBD live resin captures a snapshot of the exact taste and flavor profile hemp offers in full bloom.

1. Where can I buy organic CBD live resin?

What else would you like to know about vaping or dabbing CBD live resin?

Secret Nature Live Resin Badder is available in two delicious varieties. Both options are offered in 1g containers, and they have similar cannabinoid concentrations. The tech specs for this product are as follows:

Cbd live resin for sale

Artisan CBD Flowers & Extracts. 100% Organic. Ultra Premium Plant Spirits.

Our products are not approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illnesses. All products are compliant with the US Farm Bill and under 0.3% THC.

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