cbd liquid 200 mg

Cbd liquid 200 mg

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chamomile Extract, Peony Root Extract, Valerian Root Extract, Phytocannabinoid Rich Whole Plant Hemp Extract* (see information panel for CBD content)

Our oils are designed to work as a dual-agent. Its thin oil base is enough to be your sublingual tincture (although, it’s made without alcohol) and, secondly it is a very powerful edible, once it reaches your stomach. Especially when chased with a glass of chilled water, it gest to work rapidly. Measured specifically to work for a certain amount of time, each of the blends may contain 24mg, 100mg or 200mg per single dose.

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From mild everyday stresses to more severe daily wear and tear on the mind and body, Sootheen Liquid CBD is here to promote optimal wellbeing. Liquid CBD comes in three (3) different concentrations and/or strengths. For best results, take Liquid CBD with no food 30 minutes before or after. Taking with food may delay onset of effects. Liquid CBD is easy to use and ready whenever and wherever you are. Made in USA. What does Liquid CBD do for you? – TELL US YOUR STORY

Sootheen, Inc. does not distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (US.CSA). Cannabidiol is a natural constituent of hemp oil. All ingredients including legal sources of CBD are obtained without the use of chemicals and contain no class 1 substances. Dose size and frequency of use should be determined by a licensed medical practitioner.

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Sootheen® Liquid CBD is a CBD-Enriched sublingual formula blended with supporting botanicals.

Cbd liquid 200 mg

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Girl Scout Cookies
An entrancing pungent earthy aroma, with a sweet yet slightly minty flavour with undertones of cherry & lemon.

Lemon Skunk
It offers a strong lemon presence with a skunky scent mixed in with slight earthy and sour notes.

Bubblegum OG
When it comes to flavours and overall aromatic performance, this strain really knows how to shine. The aromas are a tasteful symphony of wild berries, contributed by a distinct sweetness, and lemon-like, slightly sour flavours from OG Kush. This aromatic blend also has some oriental spices in it.