cbd kombucha

Cbd kombucha

Ingredients: Fairtrade black tea,* fair trade green tea,* purified water, kombucha culture,* fair trade evaporated cane sugar,* cold-pressed turmeric,* cold-pressed ginger,* cold-pressed lemon,* black pepper,* hemp extract from organically grown hemp. *organic

This is perhaps the easiest, no-brainer way to get both a daily dose of probiotics and a dash of CBD. It only calls for you to buy some kombucha (or get some from a home-brewer friend), buy some CBD tincture, and mix well.

Company: Aqua Vitea is a Vermont-based brand founded by Jeff Weaber. The company offers a full range of authentic, non-alcoholic kombucha beverages made by combining old-world techniques with modern technology.

2. Aqua Vitea Changa Chai CBD Kombucha

Typically, crafting Kombucha combines brewing tea, combining it with a SCOBY, and adding sugar for it to feast on. This sugar is essential to releasing the SCOBY probiotics to create your tea.

Chaga Chai CBD Kombucha is made with Chaga, a New-England sourced mushroom that grows in the woods. Chaga’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits combine with the potential therapeutic properties of CBD to create this powerhouse kombucha that is both earthy and spicy.


Why Add CBD to Kombucha?

Honey is just as chock-full of sugar as normal cane sugar, so the SCOBY will happily enjoy it and produce the proper outcome, but with some CBD built in.


The flavor of the CBD is botanical and subtle, complimenting the kombucha well. If you already love Brew Dr.’s herbal Clear Mind flavor, berry-packed Superberry flavor, and zesty Ginger Lemon flavor, you’ll be pleased to find a very similar taste in the new CBD options.

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What does “full spectrum” mean?

No. Tranquil is for adult use, and not for children. It is also not intended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Please reach out to your doctor if you aren’t sure if CBD is a good fit for you.

What certifications does Tranquil have?

The Farm Bill of 2018 made it federally legal to grow hemp and extract CBD; however, there are many location-specific restrictions involved with infusing CBD into food or drinks, so we are sticking with selling Tranquil in certain states for now.

After a long-awaited decision in the state legislature, California is finally joining 20 other states that have legalized the sale of CBD in dietary supplements, foods, beverages and cosmetics under AB45. Non-Californians may assume that it was already legal in California, since recreational THC has been legal in the state since 2016. CBD has also […]

What is CBD?

Although recreational THC has been legal in California since 2016, CBD lagged behind until now. The Farm Bill of 2018 removed CBD from the definition of marijuana in the Controlled Substance Act, however it’s still restricted under the FD&C Act for the use of supplements and food additives. Still, most states have declared CBD legal in varying degrees, many allowing for its use in food and supplements. In some cases, CBD laws are simply not being enforced. The reason why California’s CBD policy trailed their THC policy is unknown, but some speculate that marijuana growers lobbied against it. Another challenge is the fact that any molecule that has been researched as a drug by the FDA cannot be used as a dietary supplement, and CBD has been researched and approved by the FDA in the drug Epidiolex for the treatment of seizures. Although CBD regulation remains unclear on a national level, the passage of AB45 removes much of the risk of selling CBD products in California.

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The background on the legalization of CBD in California

Now that the law has taken effect, more brands will be able to confidently produce and market CBD kombucha in grocery stores and cafes throughout California. It is only a matter of time before we see CBD-infused kombucha becoming much more prevalent on shelves.