cbd kiosk kenwood mall

CBD and medical marijuana come from plants of the same family. Medical marijuana is flowers from plants with varying concentrations of the mind-altering compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). But CBD products are made from plants often referred to as industrial hemp, with less than 0.3 percent THC.

In September, as it worked to open Ohio’s medical-marijuana industry, the state Board of Pharmacy ruled that CBD products can only be sold at Ohio’s 56 state-licensed dispensaries. Those stores are at least a month away from opening. Plus, entry to a dispensary will require a doctor’s recommendation.

But Friedman said he did not want to worry about the state disrupting his business, so he moved across the river. The storefront is less expensive than the kiosk, he added.

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“People are nervous buying CBD products at home, from Amazon,” Friedman said as a friend finished assembling a display case. “Now they’ve got a place to shop, where they can see the product for themselves and ask questions.”

While law enforcement would be hard-pressed to pursue charges against a CBD retailer under the Board of Pharmacy’s regulation, Friedman said the opportunity with CBD products was too good to leave to the hope that no one in Ohio called the cops on him.

Friedman, Cincinnati born and raised, was a medical-device sales person in the region when the CBD boom rolled into Ohio. He said Kenwood Towne Centre officials gladly leased the kiosk and did not fret over the Board of Pharmacy regulatory decision.

“This is a growing market and really appeals to folks who want the benefits of marijuana without the high,” Friedman said. He advertises himself as “Ohio CBD Guy” and said he’s tried every product he sells.

Cbd kiosk kenwood mall

COVINGTON, Ky. — Although Jason Friedman brands himself as the Ohio CBD Guy on his website and the kiosk he runs at Kenwood Towne Center, recent clarifications from the Ohio Board of Pharmacy have pushed him to plan a relocation across the river.

Friedman’s shop sells products containing cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive substance derived from cannabis. According to him and others who preach the gospel of CBD, it’s a product capable of providing some benefits of medical marijuana without the high. His client base has included people dealing with everything from minor stress to arthritis to fibromyalgia, he said Thursday.

According to the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, however, it’s enough like marijuana to be illegal. Just like marijuana, cannabidiol cannot be legally sold in Ohio by any business without a license from the state — which, as of Thursday, was any business at all.

Cbd kiosk kenwood mall


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