cbd infused pillow bed bath and beyond

Cbd infused pillow bed bath and beyond

Says there's 3 reviews but I can't find them. Review link takes me to the "upload customer images". I had hoped to find folks slagging the ridiculousness of this product.

No claims on the page as to how this CBD is getting into your system. Is it supposed to be breathed in? Transferred via the skin and hair?

Both Brookstone and BB&B should hang their heads in embarrassment for this travesty.

Offered by the bedding company Brookstone, the company’s “CBD-Infused Bed Pillow” is currently available at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, giving a whole new meaning to that “Beyond” category.

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What’s the pillow actually like? Professional budtender and cannabis events strategist Andrew Mieure bought one and tried it out. Here’s what he had to say (though, to be fair, he’s only tried it for one night, so far).

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