cbd in louisiana

Cbd in louisiana

Currently LDH is undergoing rulemaking in order to integrate ACT 336 into regulations. The process is expected to be completed sometime in early 2022. While we are in the rulemaking process, products covered under ACT 336 can still be registered by using our CBD online portal to register your products, following the directions on the page, and acknowledging understanding of the rules and statutes.

FREE CONSUMABLE HEMP WEBINAR SERIES The Louisiana Department of Health held a free, one-hour Consumable Hemp Webinar on Thursday, November 4th at 10:00am CDT to help guide industry through the process of permitting and label registration. The second webinar, on the parts of a label and label requirements for registering products, was held on December 9, 2021 at 10:00 AM CST. A recording of both webinars is available at the bottom of this page.


Consumable Hemp Fast Facts

to upload your artwork.

HB 843 explicitly includes “remote retailers” in its CBD product retailer registration requirements, defining the term as “a person or entity who offers any industrial hemp-derived CBD product for sale at retail, or for any transaction of products in lieu of a sale, through a digital application, catalog, or the internet, that can be purchased and delivered directly to a consumer in Louisiana.” The bill clarifies that operators are not required to have a physical place of business in the state of Louisiana in order to sell industrial hemp-derived CBD products at retail and, interestingly, classifies each individually registered domain name owned or leased by an online retailer as a separate place of business that requires a permit. CBD products may be sold at events held at a location other than the permitted retailer’s place of business, but the retailer must first obtain a special event permit from the ATC.

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By Courtney Barnes

Although HB 843 retains the state’s criminal background check and license eligibility mandates, it’s worth noting the restrictive nature of these. Whereas federal law prohibits individuals who have been convicted of a controlled substance-related felony within ten years preceding the date of application from obtaining a hemp producer license, Louisiana additionally prohibits anyone who has been convicted of a drug-related misdemeanor within the two years immediately preceding the date of application from obtaining a license under its hemp production program. The act specifically states that “no person shall be eligible to obtain a license if convicted under state or federal law of any of the following: (a) a felony within the ten years immediately preceding the date of application; or (b) a drug-related misdemeanor within the two years immediately preceding the date of application.”

Smokable Hemp Prohibition

Like other states, Louisiana requires that all CBD products be produced from hemp cultivated under a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) or state plan adopted pursuant to the 2018 Farm Bill, or a 2014 Farm Bill pilot program. HB 843 continues the state’s prohibition on the sale of CBD foods unless approved as a food additive by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and further prohibits such products from being marketed as “dietary.” The bill also prohibits hemp products from containing any active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) recognized by the FDA, other than CBD.

Cbd in louisiana

LDAF maintains a list of licensed hemp seed providers on our website. Seed and propagating stock acquisition is not limited to this list. The list is comprised of companies and individuals that have expressed interest in providing seed and propagating stock, and are licensed to do so in Louisiana. LDAF does not endorse any provider of seed or propagating stock.

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Yes, providing that you are properly licensed; the plant material meets the definition of industrial hemp, and the plant material is being produced in compliance with the requirements of the Industrial Hemp Law and pursuant regulations.

The Louisiana Department of Health regulates processing of any product derived from industrial hemp that contains any cannabinoid, including cannabidiol and is intended for consumption or topical use.

All Industrial Hemp Consultants must comply with the LDAF Pesticide & Environmental Programs regulations including approval by the Advisory Commission on Pesticides and successful completion of exams. https://www.ldaf.state.la.us/ldaf-programs/pesticide-environmental-programs/pesticide-forms-and-registrations/


Request Fingerprint cards (Form FD-258) from LSP. Visit the FBI Identity History Summary Checks website. Applicants should choose Option 1 or 3 (do not choose option 2) to complete the background check. Applicant will receive the background check report electronically or by mail, depending on the requested reporting method. The report must be submitted to LDAF with the license application.

NOTICE: If you are on our industrial hemp email list, please check your spam folder regularly. We are aware that some emails are going to the recipient’s spam folder.

For Louisiana to maintain a leading position, we must surpass existing standards of agricultural and forestry achievement and seek additional opportunities for growth and prosperity. Louisiana’s agricultural industries and its forestry, soil and water resources are critical to the advancement of our state and play a central role in our diverse cultural heritage.

From the Commissioner

Hemp samples are evaluated as Total THC in Louisiana. This means that the values for THC and THCa (adjusted for molecular weight conversion) are added together. Final answers are subject to a further adjustment for uncertainty to determine if the legal definition of hemp has been met. The uncertainty value used in Louisiana is 0.104%. Hemp samples are dried, sieved to remove stems and seeds and then ground into a homogenous powder. Moisture in the ground sample is analyzed in an automated halogen moisture analyzer and the Total THC answer is mathematically adjusted to represent the foliage at 12% moisture. The homogenous sample is extracted using methanol and analyzed by HPLC-UV technology which chemically separates and quantitates the THC and THCa.

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Q. Is there a minimum number of production acres required to be a licensed hemp grower?