cbd in connecticut

Cbd in connecticut

Is marijuana legal in Connecticut?

If you’re looking to buy Harbor Hemp Company CBD products, you can use our store locator to find a location near you, visit our website to order online or catch us at an event.

And in 2017, the passing of Senate Bill No. 603 opened up even more doors for the hemp industry in Connecticut, allowing for CBD products made from hemp to be manufactured in the state. If you want examples of what may be made, look at this website. It also helped kick off the state’s pilot hemp growing program.

Since 2015, with the passing of House Bill No. 5780, CBD products have been available for purchase in the state of Connecticut. According to the bill, Connecticut does not classify hemp-derived CBD as a controlled substance as long as the hemp doesn’t contain more than 0.3% THC.

Is CBD legal in Connecticut?*

Cbd in connecticut

Wellness center that offers a wealth of services (massage, yoga), items for your Om in the Home, skincare, books, and CBD gummies. Note: Call office to purchase CBD gummies, as they can’t process online at this time.

Largest hemp retailer in the U.S. Their products are award-winning and made in the U.S.A., as well as being third-party tested. Full-spectrum organic gummy bears, organic slices, gummy bears, peach and watermelon rings, honey sticks, and hard candies.

Offering highest quality CBD products, all the while striving to be price conscientious. They have full-spectrum gummies, nighttime gummies that contain melatonin, and their signature CBD coffee. Monthly subscription service available.

Elm City Wellness, New Haven

Full-spectrum gummies (both vegan and reg), CBD coffee pods. Pet treats for cats and dogs, too, made with all-natural ingredients.

For over 13 years, Danish born Fritz Knipschildt, and the House of Knipschildt, have been renowned for creating exquisite quality artisan chocolate. Knipschildt has recently launched a new line of chocolate truffles and chocolate bars that are infused with premium, full spectrum CBD. Introducing…Fritzzz. The Food Network once said “Knipschildt’s creations took him from a small CT apartment to an international chocolate sensation. From bonbons to truffles and sauces, Knipshildt translates into chocolate heaven.” Add CBD to the recipe and we’re talking pure magic.

The Remedy Co., Wallingford

Sparkling waters in fruity fun flavors, energy shots, loose leaf tea and coffee, gummies (vegan ones too), chocolate bars. They have animal products, too, such as Calming Dog Chews.

While Fritz is constantly coming up with new flavors, the Fritzzz product line currently consists of five chocolate bars, each with 75mg of CBD including: Dark 85% Toasted Coconut, Dark 70% Ginger & Blueberry, Dark 70% Cranberry & Orange, classic Dark 70% Chocolate, and slightly more potent 100mg bar. Additionally, Fritzzz produces small boxes of six Salted Caramels and a Dark Chocolate Collection, each tasty morsel infused with 10 mg of CBD. Fritzzz’ CBD is sourced from an organic farm in Kentucky, and the CBD oil is completely flavorless, allowing his artisan chocolate to resonate brightly, with zero hemp undertones. This is a huge plus as I like my chocolate…well…to taste like chocolate. Also, you will not find any gluten, palm oils, refined sugars, or GMOs in the Fritzzz product line. This is great choice for the chocolate connoisseur,