cbd immune system reddit

Cbd immune system reddit

“This could stop an infection, or slow its spread in the body or to others,” Duncan explained.

“They do this by activating innate responses inside of cells, which form the first line of defence. In the case of COVID-19, however, this response isn’t very good, which has contributed to high infection rates.”

Maria Fernandes, who performed the cell studies, said, “This suggests CBD at the right dose could help cells be in a better state of readiness to respond to a virus, but it doesn’t cause a response unless there is a need.”

She went on to note that in cells that had not been previously exposed to the coronavirus, therapeutic amounts of CBD seemed to increase the cells’ preparedness to respond to viral infections.

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“When we combined CBD with these viral proteins, they had a much better ability to activate this system and to activate apoptosis.”

“When cells in the lungs or the digestive tract are infected with a virus, they have an ability to sense and respond, even before the immune system notices a virus is present,” said Prof. Robin Duncan, who was the lead investigator in the study.

Cbd immune system reddit

Again, yes and no, depending on where you live. In some states marijuana is legal for both recreational use and medical use. In other states, it’s legal only for medical use. And in some areas, it’s not legal at all.

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Where should you purchase CBD products?

That said, CBD is thought to be a safe and effective option for certain conditions. Below, we sort through the confusion by answering some of the most common questions about CBD.

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Also, keep in mind that CBD products aren’t standardized and will vary. It helps to keep a journal recording what type of CBD product you took, how much, and your response to it. This will help you track what works and what doesn’t for your condition.

CBD and other medications: Proceed with caution

People report that oral CBD helps relieve anxiety and pain and also leads to better sleep. However, the same may not be true for a host of other CBD products on the market today, in particular those that are rubbed on the skin. It’s hard to know whether these have any clinical benefit, because they haven’t been tested sufficiently.

Cbd immune system reddit

I know very little about cannabinoid receptors, though. It's interesting that related cannabinoids don't have the observed effect.

Would this be something fairly easy to look at data for? Death/ICU admittance rates among cannabis users vs. non-cannabis users? Isn't drug use something they ask about when someone's admitted to the hospital, so it would be doable to gather the data and compare?

I was surprised and pleased to read the part about upregulation of the interferon response. I had no idea that CBD would have that effect.

It doesn’t invalidate the paper, but I’d not treat these findings as gospel, either. Keep an open mind.

Five of the authors (MRR, GR, LCN, DY and JMM) filed a provisional patent entitled Method of use of Cannabidiol as an antiviral agent.