cbd hemp oil for sleep

Cbd hemp oil for sleep

NuLeaf Naturals has been providing consumers with CBD oil for over 5 years now. The company only sells two products — which are actually the exact same oil. There’s a version for humans, and one for pets.

Anybody could produce a CBD oil and claim to test a sample for cannabinoid profile, terpene profiles, or contamination. These tests are super easy to fake, so the industry standard these days is to use a certified laboratory that has no affiliation with the company. This is called a third-party lab.

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Conventional extraction methods used cold water (very inefficient), or solvents like methanol, butane, propane, or hexane — all of which are toxic to humans. After the extraction, this solvent is removed, but it’s nearly impossible to remove 100% of the solvents from the final product. This means there could be some of these solvents in your bottle of CBD if the company didn’t opt for using the more advanced CO2 extraction process.

3. Is the Product Tested by Third-Party Labs?

If you’re looking for a natural alternative to help you sleep, research suggests CBD may be a valuable option. That’s because this cannabinoid brings balance to the endocannabinoid system — which is heavily involved in the process of sleep and recovery.

Cbd hemp oil for sleep

Research suggests that insomnia affects about 10-15% [1] of the U.S. population and that’s before accounting for other sleep disorders and the odd night of poor sleep.

10 Best CBD Oils for Sleep & Insomnia (January. 2022)

Let’s answer these and other common questions to help you get the most out of cannabidiol.

CBD Oil for Sleep

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Cbd hemp oil for sleep

If you have insomnia, you know how frustrating it is to lie awake while the rest of the house is sleeping. You close your eyes, hoping that tonight will be different, that you’ll finally fall asleep at a decent hour and feel refreshed when you wake. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Population-based studies reveal that approximately 30% of adults struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep or experience poor quality sleep.

How CBD Oil May Help You Sleep

Since Populum’s inception, their focus has been to provide the most powerful full-spectrum hemp CBD products available. All their products are made in the USA, and they stand by their products through a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

4. Pure Relief Gummies

No. The confusion arises because both hemp oil and cbd oil are derived from the hemp plant, but different parts of the hemp plant are used to produce these two oils. CBD oil contains the Cannabidiol, hemp oil does not. Read the label carefully — there are disreputable marketers who add to this confusion with misleading claims when selling the much less expensive hemp oil.