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CBD Gummies Fox News 2022-09-09 Most Popular cbd gummies fox news On Sale – HRMLabs Instead, he became an eternal emperor in two thousand years, and was considered infinitely close to, or even Companies are jumping at the chance to market CBD products like oils, cosmetics, tinctures, and vaporizer cartridges to consumers who are perhaps looking for a more ‘natural’ relief for symptoms ranging from anxiety and pain to insomnia and substance-abuse disorder. But with little-to-no oversight from the FDA, how can Americans determine which products are safe and effective and which aren’t? Two leading experts in the field break down the ever-booming CBD industry. On Facebook, Fake Stories Use Fox News Hosts to Hawk Dubious CBD Products A round of fictitious stories masquerading as news articles from Fox News — invoking the names and faces of prominent

CBD Gummies Fox News

2022-09-09 Most Popular cbd gummies fox news On Sale – HRMLabs

Instead, he became an eternal emperor in two thousand years, and was considered infinitely close to, or even equivalent to, an existence like a quasi giant.

As the cbd gummies fox news cbd gummies fox news absolute commander of the army of alien races, the eighteen great emperors of alien races must obey his orders.

During this period of time, Ye Chen tried several times to break through to the world of giants, Buy Best Top Products cbd gummies fox news where to find cbd oil Big Sale but all of them ended in failure.

Because if they continue to chase, it will inevitably alarm the arrival of the emperor giants in other chaotic burial places.

The Pangu Pass was shaken, and the fighting holy king carmichael cbd gummies wanted to hunt down the great emperor of the alien race.

After all, the Pangu universe and the alien ancient universe are absolutely hostile to the ancient universe, how to respect them.

In the same way, there is no such invincible combat power that can how long does it take for cbd to kick in crush the past and the present.

He did not give up, it was still early, and he was only in his early five thousand years old.

Such a terrifying cbd gummies fox news Online Store and boundless Supreme lineup, not to mention them, cbd gummies fox news even if the giants of the ages came, they should be deeply afraid.

How can there be such a person in the world Ye Chen is face was expressionless, but in fact, killing intent burst forth.

That is the immeasurable power that belongs to the Immortal King, and under the blessing of Daoyin, the Supreme is unstoppable.

The Lord of Wangu looked at it for a moment, and only felt that this move was very similar to his Wangu Cosmos cbd gummies fox news Online Store Sphere, but in comparison, he obviously felt that Ye Chen is Kaitian Cosmos seemed to be more complete and more complete.

However, they were shocked to feel that Ye Chen is Taoism was stronger, far better than before, which made them feel like they were facing the Supreme Immortal King.

An alien emperor was affected, and the three alien emperors were completely killed because they were too close This alien supreme giant also changed color, and such self destruction is not so easy for him to bear, as where to find cbd oil powerful as he is also covered in wounds, hurting him, roaring .

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coldly The abominable origin Tianmen artifact spirit, cbd gummies fox news Dare to self destruct, you will never be born At this time, the Origin Tianmen suddenly shone, opening a special channel, and many light rains fell into the channel opened by the Origin Tianmen and disappeared.

Their children belong to the second generation supreme bloodline and are extremely powerful.

Everyone in the world is guessing, who will eventually become the new emperor However, the number of peerless geniuses that have appeared in this life is too large, cbd apple gummies Buy Best Top Products cbd gummies fox news far surpassing the past.

It can be heard, vaguely, in the endless darkness, there seems to be an endless behemoth moving slowly, much larger than the giant level beast who just guarded the gate.

Moreover, there were a lot cbd gummies fox news of Monarchs, and many of the sons, daughters, and children of Immortal Dao became Monarchs.

top best people like 3822 In the giant palace of the five eternal emperors, Ye Chen sat on Buy Best Top Products cbd gummies fox news the main Choosing where to find cbd oil seat, his expression unchanged.

Ye Chen has mastered healthergize cbd gummies two supreme level Taoist soldiers, and the power of cbd gummies fox news the quasi giant level is perfectly blooming.

The forbidden power cbd gummies fox news known as Burial Immortal was easily disintegrated in the face of Ye Chen is peerless punch Chaos Holy Fist penetrated Choosing where to find cbd oil Qingyu Immortal is immortal body through the burning immortal light, and the most violent chaotic force tore everything apart, not giving Qingyu Immortal a chance to take action, and the immortal body was unbearable, and it was torn apart on the spot.

Among the monarchs, the first person is naturally Qianxun, the peak of the eternal monarch, who is comparable to the general eternal monarch, and is cbd gummies fox news Online Store enough to challenge the ancient emperor, not to mention other ancient monarchs, no one is his opponent at all.

The peerless evildoer of the fighting saint lineage, masters the strongest attacking HRMLabs cbd gummies fox news power, is also the .

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master of chaos, the most invincible and the strongest eternal emperor.

Just kidding, there are elder cbd gummies fox news brothers and sisters at cbd gummies fox news the level of the ancient king and even the emperor secretly sheltering, the heavens and the world, the supreme being out, who can hurt.

The next moment, he reorganized his physical body for the first time, not to mention that as an eternal emperor, a potential seed who has become an ancient giant, is more cbd gummies fox news important than the ancient emperor, how can he not have the means to protect cbd gummies fox news himself.

The former has been in the Chaos Sea for several epochs, the power of the Immortal King is boundless, and who cbd gummies fox news dares to be disrespectful.

The immortal monarch is power on his body also soared to cbd gummies fox news a higher level in an instant.

It is foreseeable that as long as thousands of years pass, these arrogances will reach their peaks completely.

In the world, there has never been a record of anyone who can be regarded as a giant with the body of an emperor.

The strength of the body needs to be verified, it should not be comparable to the two most powerful bodies, cbd gummies fox news Online Store but it should last forever.

The Lord of the Ancient City gave a soft drink and showed the means of the supreme giant, which resolved the waves of destruction and never really spread.

This time, cbd gummies fox news it is not the side hall, but the most magnificent main hall, with a solemn style.

Cangda Tianzun took a deep look at Ye Chen and exclaimed I haven it seen you for three thousand years, Ye Xiaoyou, you are stronger and stronger than before.

Only human races can serve as human emperors, foreign races are not qualified to be called human emperors.

Haotian Quan Xianwang left a sentence, stepped on the Avenue of Immortal Light, and directly penetrated through the layers of immortal passes.

However, with Ye Chen is strength, he could naturally penetrate the gates cbd gummies fox news Online Store of Xiandao and could not stop him.

During the refining period of Emperor Dao is true blood, the Emperor level Battle Holy Body, which is as strong as Qianxun, couldn it bear it.

At this moment, the endless cbd gummies fox news robbery cbd gummies fox news light falls, accompanied by all kinds of terrifying catastrophe that is exclusive to the legend, even the body of the real dragon can not bear it, and suddenly the skin is opened, and the blood of the real dragon splashes from time to time.

In addition, there are as many as five who follow Ye Chen is ancient road of origin.

A long howl moved nine days A true dragon crosses the calamity and becomes a Best cbd gummies fox news monarch All heavens and ten thousand domains, attract the attention of the world Although, in the past three thousand years, some people have been promoted to emperors one after another, but there are Blog cbd gummies fox news still only a handful of them.

Emperor Brahma suddenly tightened his pupils, and he also felt Chihiro is power, although the realm They are cbd gummies fox news all in the primordial monarch, but the power of Qi is not inferior to the real emperor, and even stronger.

The gap between them is even greater than that between Chihiro and the Great Emperor Brahma.

I crushed you to death Leaving a threat, Ye Chen turned cbd gummies fox news around and returned to Buy Best Top Products cbd gummies fox news his giant palace in the Heavenly Palace, and there was silence in the martial arts arena.

At this time, Qianxun was already full of fighting spirit, and he was not afraid at all.

It is conceivable how majestic the illusory shadow of the ancient chaotic universe evolved In this illusory shadow of the ancient chaotic universe, it seems illusory, but in fact, space, time, destiny, nothingness, truth all heavens and ten thousand ways exist, and there are hundreds of millions cbd gummies fox news of heavens and stars, all heavens and ten thousand realms, and even some The existence of all races and spirits has built a real chaotic ancient universe.

It can be cbd gummies fox news said that this is a kind of provocation to the supreme imperial power, and it is a sleeping gummy bears great disrespect good vibes cbd gummies to the cbd gummies fox news supreme If you do not have cbd gummies fox news a supreme level combat power, or be superior, how can you dare to sit in such a majestic and boundless Tiangong giant hall.

He wants to make this Chaos Immortal King Dao Body completely for his own use This ritual, accelerated by the time of the original small universe in the body, one day in the outside world and one year in the body, so seven years have passed.

Tai A Immortal King said Wu Xie, this son wants this seat, it is not your turn, so it is more appropriate to leave it to this seat for guidance.

I am the Great Emperor of Destiny, and I led the strongest Tianjiao in the ancient universe cbd gummies fox news in our world to participate in the Chaos Sea Tianjiao Grand Competition The visitor said, he was a quasi giant It is the Great Destiny Best cbd gummies fox news This invincible quasi giant is actually here Didn cbd gummies fox news it you hear that the Great Destiny attacked the giants of all ages How cbd gummies fox news could he appear here world top best people like 3809 Destiny the Great Emperor Destiny the Great, in the earliest period of this era, the Destiny the Great rose as the leader of the alien race in the ancient universe.

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I begged to open the gates of the immortal cbd gummies fox news path and participate in the grand competition of the Chaos cbd gummies fox news Sea and Tianjiao event.

The quasi immortal king level exists to break through the immortal gate, which is rare in the ages and is enough to be included in the history.

It is far stronger than the general chaotic ancient universe and has the monstrous ability to destroy the chaotic ancient universe.

However, this fun drops cbd gummies phil mickelson vast and majestic energy was penetrated into the Immortal King is Cave Mansion by Ye Chen with his unparalleled force, causing the Supreme Emperor and Immortal Ze in the Immortal King is Cave Mansion to proliferate countlessly, and completely inspired the ninety nine cbd gummies fox news The potential of the immortal veins has increased the immortal king is way and essence that can be sprayed in the immortal king is cave by a hundred times.

With the order of the giants of the ages, the quasi giants could not regain control cbd gummies fox news of the supreme avenue.

Shocked by the world, the domineering Immortal King Zixiao fell down on the Holy King Fighting today and suffered such a big loss.

Of course, it is now announced that the origin gate is in the It is in the hands of Uncle Taishenghuang, cbd gummies fox news so the giants from all sides will no longer make can you travel with cbd gummies in the us up their minds on you.

However, even if the background is so deep, the aliens dare not openly overthrow the giant covenant.

On this day, a supreme giant suddenly shot and strongly knocked this prehistoric Immortal Realm linking the do cbd gummies cause a positive drug test Chaos Sea.

All the esteemed and the giants sighed, this move, Pangu Universe is too skilled, and the alien race also fell hard.

There are more than a dozen young and prosperous Tianjiao, who belong to the Tianjiao leader of the ancient kingdom of Xianyu controlled by Supreme Immortal, and they are Blog cbd gummies fox news first class, and some are even people of the Immortal Race.

That is the reincarnation emperor of your Pangu universe The reincarnation emperor Ye Chen was taken aback.

The immortal body of Qingyu Immortal was cut in two, and the blood splashed, but as a supreme immortal, her vitality is unparalleled, and the years cannot be deprived.

However, the method just now was that the immortal imprint left by his father Qing Yuxian in the chariot of the Immortal Palace was also defused by the supreme immortal prestige, making him jealous.

One of the quasi giants had his head shattered, the Emperor Soul was torn apart, and he suffered terrifying heavy losses.

Yue, what is your realm now the goddess asked, she could feel that Buy Best Top Products cbd gummies fox news after the disappearance of more than a thousand years, when cbd gummies fox news she returned again, her husband is strength increased again.

It can be said that the number of ancient giants gathered in the ancient city this time is far beyond the imagination of the supreme.

In the four directions, the four supreme immortals violently attacked with immortal soldiers, trying to break the defense.

Otherwise, with his status as the supreme immortal, how could he not be able to deduce it.

In edibles for sleep total, the majestic cbd gummies fox news Best energy refined by the nine Supremes is enough to cbd gummies fox news make the Supreme become a quasi giant, and the quasi botanica cbd gummies giant goes a step further, and cbd gummies fox news it is impossible to have the opportunity cbd gummies fox news to spy on the realm of the ancient giants.

The other party is cbd gummies fox news four emperors, and the fighting holy king can make Qingyu Xian is immortal incarnation and even the parent child Piaoyu Xianjun stay here forever, there must be supreme support behind him, and it must be There Worlds Best Green CBD Gummies is more than one person, so none of them dare to be too arrogant.

Even Qing Yuxian and other Supreme Beings where to find cbd oil Big Sale who were originally targeting Ye Chen couldn it participate at this moment.

If you are dissatisfied, the strongest emperors of both of you will step back and not make a move, and then let the quasi giants and supremes of both sides fight, this seat can personally serve as the referee, how about it Yes Cang Yan said, haha Laughing, he said to cbd gummies fox news the war emperor Wait cbd gummies fox news for the battle, you can continue to hold the supreme scepter and take action.

Ye Chen stood in blood, although he also had his own, the immortal Chaos Holy Body was tattered and well being labs cbd gummies cost tattered, bones were visible in many parts, and he paid a blood like price, but more of it belonged to the other party.

Ye Chen casually released a layer of Chaos Aura to block the power of Chaos Immortal Armor, otherwise the impact would be huge, and the emperor would feel pressure if he wanted to get close.

However, the crimson true blood circulated in the body, showing the most powerful divinity, even the emperor is calamity could not break such true blood.

Immortal King Pan Dao said indifferently Whether he can get to that step is two things, but he does have such potential, Zixiao, none of your descendants can be compared during the reign of the emperor.

Although most of them were rescued, the Great Emperor Wanyan, the five great emperors of alien races, and the three ancient emperors of the Chaos .

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Burial Ground were still in a state of repression Cang Yan said coldly It is impossible to hand it over, and I advise you not to take it lightly, but there is still a covenant of giants, and the giants of the ages cannot take it lightly, otherwise you can remember the consequences later.

However, how do the ordinary immortals know that there is still a huge cbd gummies fox news gap between the eternal emperors.

In the depths of the prehistoric immortal world, there is also an invincible person who is no less than the first generation.

It is conceivable that it is definitely not a consequence that any of the cbd gummies fox news ancient giants can bear.

Drops of the emperor is blood splashed down, and I do not know how much the earth cbd gummies fox news collapsed.

The other three quasi giants, such as the Jinwu Emperor, the War Emperor, and the Choosing where to find cbd oil Shenkong Emperor, are in terms of strength.

It is not that there is no Supreme Being are hemp gummies the same as royal cbd gummies in the Pangu universe, but looking at the more than 30 Supreme Beings, only Ye Chen and Xuanshen are the only ones.

As far as this emperor knows, the Holy King of Fighting is still in the Chaos Heavenly Palace Immortal world came to make a start, and immediately gave birth to a bit of anger.

However, in the first blow, the alien great emperor who was famous for two HRMLabs cbd gummies fox news epochs in the Chaos Sea was wounded.

The mythical emperor fought fiercely against the alien emperors, and the number was not comparable to the aliens.

It is a little pity that only one daughter, Ye Jing, was born in the past three cbd gummies kevin costner thousand years.

This is another cbd gummies fox news significance Worlds Best Green CBD Gummies of He cbd gummies fox news Online Store Yao cbd gummies fox news Online Store where to find cbd oil Big Sale in the starry sky, imprinting the imprint of the soul, imprinting the imprint of the avenue, and letting the ancient chaotic universe record all this.

After all, there are not many people who cbd gummies fox news can reach this state in the past, and often the quasi giant cbd gummies fox news reaches the top level, that is, there is no way to advance, or they will eventually become giants of the cbd gummies fox news ages.

top best people like 3865 Originating from the arrival of the giants of the holy race how do you store cbd gummies For HRMLabs cbd gummies fox news some Blog cbd gummies fox news time, even Ye Chen didn it quite understand that the alien race was obviously more powerful than the Pangu universe.

Inside the Chaos Heavenly Palace, there was an extremely indifferent voice You, want to challenge the majesty of my cbd gummies fox news Chaos Heavenly Palace Supreme Immortal said coldly cbd gummies fox news Sage King Fighting, you cbd gummies fox news will bury Ben Xian today when you kill Ben Xian is parents and sons.

Xianjun Qingfu was also furious, but he also knew that the strong dragon did not suppress the snakes on the ground, and cbd gummies fox news forcibly suppressed the anger, calmed down his tone, still with a bit of coldness, and said Fighting the holy king, you must know that the Chaos Haitianjiao grand event HRMLabs cbd gummies fox news is a big match.

At this time, bloodstains overflowed from the Best cbd gummies fox news corner of his mouth, and there was a cbd gummies fox news terrifying immortal king qi machine looming on his body.

According to ancient legends, every sacred relic of origin is comparable to the soldiers of the cbd gummies fox news ancient giants.

How can there be such people in the world Therefore, Ye Chen pushed the 21st to 30th immortal gates horizontally.

Just now, it was the Emperor of War who took action and collided with the seven ancient .

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emperors of the alien race, showing his invincible power.

Suddenly, there is purple energy coming from the east, hundreds beam cbd oil of millions of miles of purple sky gold energy is rushing into the sky, majestic and unparalleled, and the entire Immortal Discount cbd gummies fox news King City will be dyed purple and gold.

But Ye Chen is different, what he said has far reaching influence Okay, what a my generation of human monks, everyone is qualified to be a human emperor Battle Emperor shouted a good word, worthy of being the key person in the Pangu universe, really different.

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The vitality of the monarch Daxu is naturally quite strong, and he soon reorganized the form plus gummies cbd mango cbd gummies fox news and spirit, shocked, looked at the rock emperor and said Emperor, why do you want kind bites edibles to do this to me He was very unwilling, obviously he cbd gummies fox news was on the emperor is side of.

Immortal King Pan Dao sighed, the Immortal King City in his body trembled slightly, and he was oppressed by Wan Gucheng.

This is the supernatural power that he mastered in the early days of his cultivation.

Among them, the Forty Nine Immortal Pass is one of the most unpredictable secret realms in the prehistoric cbd gummies fox news fairyland.

Ye Chen does not mind, after all, there are not many Supremes who know that he is a quasi giant existence, not to mention that the news of the borders of the Immortal Realm is consciously suppressed by who sells cbd gummies for pain the Immortal Realm, and it cannot be spread cbd gummies fox news to the Immortal King Domain in the center of the Immortal Realm, otherwise these Supremes will not be at all.

In the Chaos does cbd oil help headaches Heavenly Palace, there was a voice of indifference, and several unparalleled figures came out one after another, which Discount cbd gummies fox news made Qingfu Xianjun and others change their expressions.

Although Chaos Tianfu suffered casualties and participated in the battle at the peak of Pangu Pass, none of the cbd gummies fox news core high level figures died.

Starting a giant is no longer as simple as a where to find cbd oil Big Sale battle, but it is enough to cross, enough to fight, not enough to defeat, but completely enough to retreat.

Facing the thirty ninth immortal stage, which was almost sleeping like an immortal king, Ye Chen was naturally undaunted.

I can only see that within these gates of space, cbd gummies fox news there are emperors and emperors of the ancient times as commanders, leading the endless army, and they shot and killed the two great ancient chaotic cosmos forces that were caught off guard.

You Mo Yang Guxian was shocked, and his face sank immediately Junior , you toast, do not drink and drink fine The other four supreme immortals also had awe inspiring killing intent, and this vast immortal realm was plunged cbd gummies fox news into a chilling atmosphere Hand over it, I ll let you go If you do not hand it over, you will destroy your body, refine your soul, annihilate your true spirit, and search your memory The five supreme immortals took a step at the same time to cbd gummies fox news cbd gummies fox news further oppress Ye Chen.

The Sect Master of the Heavenly Sect during the Great Buy Best Top Products cbd gummies fox news Destruction of Myths, strictly speaking, cbd gummies fox news is not the Sect Master of Heavenly Sect that Ye Chen knew.

During this period of time, Ye Chen stayed here all the time, discussing with the great giants of the ages.

More cbd gummies fox news Online Store importantly, he dragged the emperor soul of the cbd triple layer bear gummies with melatonin alien giant into edible cost cbd gummies fox news the world of reincarnation, constantly reincarnated and became stronger, and fought against the reincarnation of allergic reaction to cbd gummies the equally powerful alien giant.

The Four Supreme Immortals were shocked Within the tenth cbd gummies fox news layer of heaven is divine aura, Ye Chen looked like an unparalleled god, his hair was falling, and strands of chaotic light were drifting away.

Likewise, the rules of immortality are intertwined, and it is difficult to see the situation on the other side of the door of immortality from this world.

Why do not I come here this time Ye Chen said lightly It is nothing, I just do not want to participate.

Even if King Wuxiang and Emperor Taichu join forces, they cannot be Ye cbd gummies fox news Chen is cbd gummies fox news opponent, but this is not a battle of life and death, but depends on the understanding of the three parties.

As long as Piaoyu Xiaozu goes out, he will definitely break the so called invincible myth of this cbd gummies fox news person.

The Emperor of Longevity said The sacred relic of origin is an important token that runs through the land of origin, but it does not need to be all collected, only half of it can be truly penetrated.

I will take you as cbd gummies fox news an opponent and see how strong you can be as an Eternal Monarch In the past, smashing Dao HRMLabs cbd gummies fox news Dao Xinghe Jianmang, fighting with this eternal emperor, blood and energy rose, shattering all directions, unmatched and powerful.

Of course, they also believe that although the fighting saint king is evil cbd gummies fox news enough to defy the sky, he has made progress in just three thousand years of cultivation, but it may not be able to improve by much.

Of course, now because of the complete expulsion of the alien army, the wasteland has returned to peace.

No one has the corresponding selfishness, but he is a cultivator of chaos, the way of chaos, even the avenue of immortal kings can only be used for reference, not to mention that he has reached a kind of bottleneck stage now.

Galen looked deeply at a group of alien emperors headed by the Great Destiny in the direction of the alien race and the thirty most powerful geniuses of the alien race.

Since you are here, it proves that you are just a stepping stone given to me by my father Qianxun snorted coldly, raising her energy Discount cbd gummies fox news to the extreme , reached the pinnacle level, and was extremely powerful.

Ye Chen suddenly opened the tenth heavenly divine Choosing where to find cbd oil aperture and swallowed it completely.

The others were stunned, the supreme trembling, and the quasi giant is scalp tingling.

The emperor is soul exploded, and if the ancient emperor blew himself up, it was an extremely extravagant act.

Even Emperor Kunpeng, holding the Jie Tower, confronted Jie Huang, a quasi giant who also mastered the Avenue of Time and Space.

Only the mighty aftermath continued to spread, as if explaining what was happening just now.

The endless catastrophe fell, making Ye Jing even more miserable, covered in blood.

He opened the bottle .

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cap, and suddenly there was a majestic aura rushing into the sky, as well as a strong Danxiang.

Ye Chen stared silently for a long time cbd gummies fox news here, and suddenly revealed a mysterious smile Interesting, interesting Silently, from his body, ten supreme divine crowns appeared one after another, surrounding each other and shining brightly.

In an instant, only the power of the flesh and the majestic divine power were left, but without the blessing of the supreme emperor, their strength was destined to plummet.

The same is true for the three quasi immortal kings of Nangong, Beiming and Haotian.

At this time, Ye Chen is eyes were cbd gummies fox news shining brightly, and he spoke to his wife, children, and friends who had reached the high rank of the Primordial King, and said, I have suppressed myself for too long, so I will break the seal immediately and be promoted to the Eternal Emperor, which may be comparable to the Supreme Being.

The supreme beings of all parties were stunned and did not understand, he was still a quasi giant fighting holy king, even if he was far above Qingyu Immortal, he should not be strong.

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The FDA approved Epidiolex, which contains a purified form of cannabidiol (CBD) for the treatment of seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome in patients 2 years of age and older.

“There are not many studies that have definitively shown CBD to be efficacious except for these two rare forms of childhood epilepsy,” Dr. Hurd said. “There are a number of small studies that have shown an indication that CBD might be effective for anxiety. Might be effective as an antipsychotic. Might be effective as to decrease cravings for people with a substance use disorders, but those studies are still very small in terms of the sample sizes that have been done.”

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While a quick Google search can pull up small tinctures of CBD oil between $30-$150, how can consumers know which products are worth all the hype—and money? Some experts claim manufacturers may be taking advantage of loopholes in the existing regulations, or lack thereof.

“Right now, because there is no FDA oversight, there hasn’t been any evaluation on efficacy, safety or dosage,” said Skodzinski, who is also the editorial director for the magazines Cannabis Dispensary and Hemp Grower.

New York-based investment bank Cowen & Co. released a study on the CBD market, estimating that the revenue would hit $16 billion by 2025.

Consumers can look out for a few red flags when it comes to knowing which companies might be trying to sell you fraudulent CBD products Skodzinski said.

1. False medical claims

“If a company is claiming any kind of direct health or medical benefits, that’s a red flag. That’s the first red flag because that is illegal to do. They can’t market as a dietary supplement and they can’t make medical claims right now.”

2. Lack of third-party testing

“The first thing I would look for is a company that publishes third-party testing results, ideally on their website. Third-party laboratories will provide certificates of analysis and they should show CBD contents, and contents of any other cannabinoids. And then they also should have test results that show that it’s free of unsafe levels of pesticides, molds, and heavy metals.”

According to the FDA, the agency has only seen limited data about CBD safety and says it has the potential to cause liver injury, affect the metabolism of other drugs, which could cause serious side effects and may increase the risk of sedation and drowsiness when used with alcohol or other types of depressants.

The FDA is currently setting up regulations for CBD products, specifically looking at ways to verify the percentage of CBD and making sure THC isn’t present in them, Hurd said.

“We still don’t know how CBD accumulates in the body over time. So for skincare products, for your regular coffee, what are the long term impacts of CBD? Those are questions that they [the FDA] are trying to look into. Once they understand some of that, then they’re trying to set the regulations for how CBD products should be monitored, should be made and should be sold to the public,” Hurd explained.

Lindsay Carlton is a Senior video producer and writer for Fox Digital Originals. Follow her on Twitter @LCCARLTON

On Facebook, Fake Stories Use Fox News Hosts to Hawk Dubious CBD Products

A round of fictitious stories masquerading as news articles from Fox News — invoking the names and faces of prominent hosts on the channel — and other outlets have been used in recent weeks to hawk dubious products through paid Facebook advertisements.

Ads on the social media platform featuring the faces of various Fox News figures have taken users to false headlines, topping deceptive full-page “stories,” such as:

  • “Laura Ingraham in the Hot Seat with Big Pharma Following Latest Business Venture.”
  • “Big Pharma In Outrage Over Jeanine Pirro’s Latest Business Venture – She Fires Back With This!”
  • “Fox News Cutting Ties With Sean Hannity Over Breach of Contract?”

But, as we said, the headlines are bunk, and are actually ads that wrongly associate the network’s figures with various cannabidiol, or CBD, products and, in one case, a male enhancement drug. Facebook does not permit advertisers to promote such CBD products.

We reached out to Facebook about the ads, and a spokesperson told us that the “ads violate our policies and we have removed them.”

“We put significant resources towards tackling ads that promote deceptive behavior, like misusing images of public figures to mislead people, but we do miss some,” the spokesperson said. “Our systems get better when people report this kind of behavior in ads, by tapping the three dots in the top right corner and selecting ‘Report Ad.’”

After our inquiry, we found that another such ad on Facebook involving Laura Ingraham, published in July, remains active — u nderscoring the platform’s struggle to identify and block all such deceptions. Update, Aug. 20: Facebook has since removed that ad, too, and said it removed the user and business account responsible for violating its policies. ( Full disclosure: FactCheck.org works with Facebook as a third-party fact-checking partner; the platform plays no role in our editorial decisions.)

Ongoing Deceptions

The bogus stories represent an ongoing trend. We previously reported on another such false “Fox News” story that claimed the evangelical leader Charles Stanley was selling a line of CBD gummies. Other fact-checkers have debunked similar claims about contestants from ABC’s “Shark Tank” selling CBD products.

The use of bogus stories to misleadingly market products isn’t a new tactic. In late 2020, the professional skateboarder Tony Hawk told his social media followers to avoid a headline claiming that “Big Pharma In Outrage” over Hawk’s CBD product (he had no affiliation with the company referenced) — the same claim made in the headline about Pirro and Stanley. HGTV star Bryan Baeumler did the same.

In the latest blitz, the deceptive stories were surfaced to Facebook users through ads that vaguely suggested the Fox News stars were on the outs with the network. Once users clicked on an ad, they were taken to dubious websites where the full-page ads were made to look like Fox stories — with barely noticeable fine print at the bottom indicating they were ads — that masked what would otherwise appear to be benign blog posts.

For instance, one Facebook ad displayed the headline, “Laura Dismissed From ‘The Ingraham Angle,’” with a photo of Laura Ingraham. The ad linked to a post on vegetablefoods.net headlined, “Trust Isn’t the Key to Business Partnerships.”

But visiting the page from the Facebook ad surfaced a bogus story slickly designed to appear as if it were from Fox News — under the byline of (actual) Fox reporter Brit Hume — with the headline, “Laura Ingraham in the Hot Seat with Big Pharma Following Latest Business Venture.” It falsely tied Ingraham to a product called “Prime Nature CBD.”

Nick Nikiforakis, an associate professor of computer science at Stony Brook University, said in a phone interview that such “cloaking” of a webpage can make it harder for analysts and researchers to identify scams.

For example, those setting up such a ruse may only show the full-page ad to people visiting the link from a certain source, he said, or only display the ad to the same person once.

And users who saw the supposed Fox News stories without taking note of the domain could well have been tricked into thinking the stories were from the network — given their use of the network’s logo and color scheme — he said.

We reached out to Fox News about the deceptive ads leveraging the network’s brand, but didn’t hear back.

The vegetablefoods.net domain and others used to push the false stories have been registered in recent months through a service that masks the identities of those truly behind the websites, according to registration records on WhoIs.com. The website catanimals.online was used to show Facebook users the bogus Pirro story, while creativitypaintings.com surfaced a bogus story — purporting to be from GQ magazine — connecting Sean Hannity to a male enhancement drug and suggesting he and the network were “cutting ties.”

Public Complaints

Public complaints to the Better Business Bureau for various CBD products are in no short supply. Some cite misrepresentations of products being tied to Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson; many specifically cite content they encountered through Facebook, such as ads using Stanley.

There are a number of complaints and negative reviews listed with the bureau regarding Eagle Hemp, the company marketed in the bogus story about Stanley.

Similarly, a Freedom of Information Act request we filed with the Federal Trade Commission revealed that at least three complaints have been lodged against Eagle Hemp this year.

“Eagle Hemp CBD placed an ad in Facebook stating its affiliation with and ownership by Dr. Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries. I trusted its statements foolishly and made a credit card purchase,” one of the complaints said.

The company — which received a federal Paycheck Protection Program loan in 2020 — is actually managed by George Southworth, a Florida businessman, who didn’t respond to our requests for comment. The company’s primary address is the same as another company registered to Southworth called Well Being Labs. Both share the address of Southworth’s concrete business.

“I’ve talked to victims who say the use of the celebrity is really important,” C. Steven Baker, an international investigations specialist with the Better Business Bureau who has researched such campaigns, told us in a phone interview. “If there’s a celebrity they believe in or trust, that gives them a lot more confidence” in the product — because, the customers figure, the celebrity wouldn’t endorse an illegitimate company.

In a 2018 report, Baker — who spent more than 30 years with the FTC — laid out how bogus stories and celebrity endorsements, often peddled by “affiliate” marketing sites, are used to entice customers into deceptive free-trial offers and “subscription traps.”

Baker told us that identifying the individuals behind such campaigns can be tricky, since those selling the product may use fulfillment centers and third-party customer service lines.

The most recent fictitious, Fox News-themed stories touted products such as Prime Nature CBD and Green Country CBD. The pages linked in the bogus stories to buy those CBD brands listed the same P.O. Box in Tampa, Florida; we were unable to locate business records for either.

We called the number listed for Prime Nature and were connected with a third-party customer service line. An operator, who said he was based in the Philippines, said he could not disclose any contact information for Prime Nature — or the other companies with which the customer service line works.

Editor’s note: FactCheck.org is one of several organizations working with Facebook to debunk misinformation shared on social media. Our previous stories can be found here. Facebook has no control over our editorial content.


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Q. Are vaccinated and boosted people more susceptible to infection or disease with the omicron variant than unvaccinated people?

A. No. Getting vaccinated increases your protection against COVID-19. Sometimes, certain raw data can suggest otherwise, but that information cannot be used to determine how well a vaccine works.

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