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We serve anyone who needs more information about cannabinoid therapies. This includes families, individuals, medical professionals, researchers, educators, and the cannabis industry.

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Two identical individuals with the same condition taking the same product can have two different outcomes or results, so it is difficult to suggest a condition-specific product. Therefore, this process may involve some trial and error to determine what is the right product or combination of products for you.


Realm of Caring does its best to rely on our collective data and guide you in getting started. There are many anecdotal stories that you can find on our client spotlight page.

Cbd foundation

Chill Out Smoothing Color Corrector

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Chill Out Hydrating Skin Serum

Chill out with our cruelty free and vegan makeup collection of skin solutions infused with hemp-derived CBD to calm stressed out skin. Infused with hyaluronic acid, our Chill Out Hydrating Serum locks in moisture while refreshing and rebalancing skin instantly. Infused with hemp-derived cannabis sativa oil, our Chill Out Soothing Lip Glaze is a Lip Loving plant-based oil complex that nourishes and pampers lips with moisture and protects against feathering. Infused with hemp-derived CBD, antioxidants, Vitamin E and Jojoba Extract, our peach-toned Chill Our Smoothing Color Corrector for dark circles is a highlighting concealer that instantly neutralizes and brightens dark circles while hydrating and moisturizing skin. Always cruelty-free.

Cbd foundation

Harry Sumnall, Professor in Substance Use at Liverpool John Moores University, says: “In terms of the products found in shops, there’s virtually no evidence to support the claims made for a lot of them. There’s a lot of marketing that says CBD is a ‘miracle of the modern age’; however, the marketing has actually overtaken the evidence of what it’s effective for.”

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The choice of CBD products has exploded recently: you can buy oils, capsules, muscle gels, sprays and oral drops, as well as beer, tea, sweets, hummus and even CBD-infused clothing.

What is CBD used for?

Since 2016, any CBD product that is presented as having medicinal value must be licensed and regulated as a medicine, regardless of whether it is actually effective. Manufacturers must follow very specific and robust rules around production, packaging and the information provided.

Many of these can be easily picked up from reputable high street stores, such as Holland & Barrett or Boots.

What is CBD, and is it legal in the UK?

Some of this work is still in animals, and much more research is needed before we can definitively say that CBD can help in this area.