cbd extraction machine price

7) In addition to extracting CBD hemp oil, our equipment can deal with a variety of other materials: such as: chili, camellia seed;

CBD is an acronym for Cannabidiol, which is an extract from cannabis for medical or industrial use. CBD is popular because it has the functions of protecting nerves, improving skin inflammation, anti-oxidation, treating eczema, and improving skin self-repairing. The cannabis oil extraction equipment produced by Huatai Oil Machinery can get oil from hemp seeds, leaves and stems by extracting method with high efficiency and simple operation.

Processing material: Cannabis, hemp
Productive capacity: 1-500T/D

The CBD extraction equipment recommended by our company is the plant herb-used extraction system. It adopts ultra-low temperature design, which can achieve low temperature extraction technology and concentration process while extracting. It has the characteristics of high extraction rate and stable property of extracting active components. The equipment features the design of automatic drainer for automatic extraction and reflow. Ethanol can be recycled to solve cost and pollution problems.


Huatai Oil Machinery can provide you with complete sets of CBD hemp oil extraction equipment. This equipment adopts advanced CBD hemp oil carbon dioxide supercritical fluid extraction technology, which has many characteristics, such as: high extraction precision, etc.

Supercritical Fluid Extraction Technology of CBD Cannabis Oil

CBD cannabis oil extractor
1) The set of equipment extracts the solvents from solid or liquid substances by intermittent or continuous method, and the additive can be added to supercritical fluid;

Product Details

2) The system has an extractor and two separators;
3) The solid extractor has a maximum working pressure of 50Mpa and a maximum operating temperature of 85A ;
4) The pressure vessel is designed in accordance with requirements of relevant national standards and regulations and has an overpressure protection system;
5) The whole machine is beautiful, safe and easy to operate. The pressure and temperature flow numbers can be displayed on the pressure gauge and digital instruments;
6) Pipe parts, valves and pipes are made of stainless steel for more durable.

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For more details, please consult the herb-used extractor. Due to the different characteristics of the raw materials, our company adopts different oil extraction depends on your requirements.

• At room temperature, ethanol is abrasive . This means it tends to extract everything from the hemp biomass, including unwanted substances such as chlorophyll, lipids, and fats, which will require further separation and filtration techniques.


• Although powerful, these solvents, can pull out important substances from the hemp plant while leaving other undesirable products behind such as chlorophyll.


• The price of water vapor CBD oil extraction machines ranges between $15,500 and $2 million .

Cbd extraction machine price

Hemp processing equipment can be scaled for 1 to 5 tons of extracted hemp per day. It’s generally not a fair comparison to compare the throughput on an instrument from two different companies. What is fair is to specify the throughput At the tonnage process per day and then look at the operating cost for that process. You can also look at the equipment and Facilities cost to accommodate that level of Production. after you have all of your costs accounted for including the hidden costs, then you can calculate the net present value for each investment.

A cash flow statement can then be generated from net margin. One thing to note is that depreciation must be added back to net margin as it is a non-cash expense on the income statement.

It is common for scaling up considerations to include discussion of trading in a machine for another with a larger extraction vessel capacity, but this doesn’t apply to extraktLAB extractors. If you want to move from a single 140 model extractor to a facility that processes one ton of hemp per day, we recommend you buy 5 more units–all of which roll in on casters. Scaling up extraktLAB extractors is modular, easy, and maintains a small footprint.

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When producing CBD from hemp, which part of the plant is typically used?

ExtraktLAB’s line of supercritical CO2 extractors are the most advanced, efficient, and powerful extractors in the hemp and botanical extraction industry today. With a throughput capacity from 79 to 844 pounds per day depending on the extractor model, the e-110, e-140, and e-180 extractors are powerful, efficient, and practical systems for producers who want the highest possible quality and productivity. These extractors are designed to provide the highest throughput yield in the shortest period of time while satisfying the traceability requirements for GMP compliance. extraktLAB’s supercritical CO2 extractor series are of the highest quality and productivity built with safety, efficiency, and overall quality in the extraction industry today.

We’d love to help you pursue the exciting and most cost-effective opportunities available in cannabis extraction today! Please call us at 651-600-0036 or submit an online form for more information. Interested in learning how to master the extraction lab startup? Read more here! Check information here about how to make CBD distillate.

So, we have seen how CO2 extraction occurs and why it’s effective for CBD oil extraction. Let’s look at its benefits to find out why it’s the preferred method for CBD oil extraction.

If you had an ethanol extraction facility, would you ever use CO2 just for stripping terpenes?

After calculating his operating expenses, he determines that his operating cost to produce a pint of beer is about $2. This is a powerful piece of knowledge, as it can be used to calculate margin, project future revenue, and build a plan to scale up operations. Realistic calculations of operating expenses can mean the difference between expanding or closing your doors in the first six months.

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CO2 is an extremely effective and inexpensive solvent, and you’ll only spend about $1.32 to complete a full cycle of extraction. Ethanol extraction requires a large supply of food-grade ethanol – and again, stored on site in a blast-proof, C1D1 storage space. Running a full cycle of food-grade ethanol extraction will run you around $83.15.