cbd distillate syringe


Packaged in a Borosilicate glass with a syringe.

-Make your own tincture.

-Pure CBD Distillate with:

Cbd distillate syringe

Lab tested for Potency, Solvents, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Microbial Content & Mycotoxins! CURRENT LAB RESULTS – https://reports.phrlabs.com/reports/distillate_6

Our CBD Distillate contains: Chem Face OG (Hybrid), Lifter (Hybrid), Special Sauce (Hybrid), Elektra (Hybrid), Wedding Cake (Hybrid), OG Kush (Hybrid), Super Lemon Haze (Sativa), Lemon Cake, Blueberry OG, Peanut Butter Breath, Gelato, Tahoe OG, Creme Brûlée


Yes, you can. Our full spectrum CBD distillate is solvent free. We also lab test our products to ensure they are free of any pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, solvents, or any unwanted microbial content. You can view our lab test results via the link in the top product description. You can also fill this syringe up with other oils after you’ve finished ours, or you can purchase distillate to refill it on your own.

Which hemp strains are extracted in your CBD distillate?

We took our broad spectrum distillate and infused it with solvent free, full spectrum cannabis extracted terpenes. Perfect for dabbing directly, or filling up an empty/refillable vape cartridge, the choice is yours! No MCT, PG or VG, simply distilled cannabis oil with real, 100% cannabis derived terpenes. This is the same oil in our cartridges, just in a syringe instead.

Carolindica products are specially formulated to provide faster effects, while being absorbed into the body more effectively. This is a result of our unique terpene blends, as well as other ingredients we add to increase bioavailability like lecithin. We want you to get your moneys worth out of every milligram of cannabinoids!

We are entirely dedicated to providing our customers with an impeccable shopping experience, as well the highest quality of products. Therefore, we commit ourselves to:

Our CBD distillate is highly concentrated Full Spectrum CBD, meaning it contains all the other minor compounds found in the hemp plant such as CBG, CBN, CBC, CBT, etc. This provide more balanced and diverse effects than CBD on its own. Our distillate is incredibly smooth and delicious, providing instant effects when smoked or dabbed/vaporized. It can be smoked on it’s own, mixed with hemp flower for added potency or used even used for D-I-Y hemp products like edibles and topicals.

What Makes Carolindica Products Special?

Squeeze out your desired amount of the full spectrum CBD distillate syringe and enjoy! If distillate has crystals or is too thick, apply a small amount of heat to the syringe to make the oil more viscous. Concentrates have a plethora of uses, because the concentrates are activated and can be either smoked or ingested right out of the container. Looking for ideas on what to do with concentrates? Send us a message and we can help! **Not intended for bodily injection!**

The Carolindica Commitment