cbd companies in india

Cbd companies in india

They ran out of rolling paper and had to buy from others. That is when they realised it was the best time to pursue the idea of becoming the “Amazon of hemp”. They developed new products, like a line of hemp soaps. “We get a decent number of orders for rolling paper while we have branched to CBD,” he adds.

Hemp products were one of the few categories that benefited during the pandemic. Entrepreneurs say the lockdown gave consumers the space to focus on health. They looked for better experiences with food, nutrition, alternative curative methods and therapeutic products that would help with anxiety and pain relief. They sought more sustainable brands, shifting to vegetarianism and veganism. Once e-sellers overcame issues with supplies and deliveries in the early days, business started picking up.


“During the first lockdown, when people called me, 20 minutes into the conversation the last question would be, ‘Will I get high?’ When the answer was no, they would say, ‘I will buy it for my mother,’” says Bhattacharya, laughing. But the questions she faces most often are whether the products are preservative-free, where they are sourced from, and whether people can grow hemp at home. “People want to know how to use it. We were making salads but consumers still needed their sambhar, idli, appam and stew. We have gone south, integrated hemp into Indian cuisine, because you cannot make brownies and souffle every day.”

Most hemp entrepreneurs say that apart from policy, awareness is a challenge. Few farmers grow hemp because science has not kept up with policy. They say that finding the right agencies, buying raw material, procuring licences for retail and knowledge about machinery continue to be problem areas. Marketing is tough. Facebook, for instance, does not allow advertising of hemp products. Amazon does not sell them. Supermarket chains like Foodhall and Big Bazaar do not store them. Social media blocks mention of hemp, says Menezes, even while advertising notebooks and beanies. “You have to depend on word of mouth, on influencers.

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The expectation is that the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) will soon classify hemp as food. “Once the FSSAI comes into play, everything will open up,” says Shah. The Great Legalisation Movement India, a non-profit research organisation, is leading a mission to legalise cannabis. The smaller entrepreneurs know that conglomerates like Dabur, Himalaya, Tatas and Patanjali are waiting to jump in.

Cbd companies in india

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The endocannabinoid system is a fairly new discovery and much is still being researched about it and but what we know as of now is that it can be involved in various activities of the immune system, appetite, pain-sensation, mood, & memory, physiological and cognitive processes, including fertility, pregnancy, pre- & postnatal development & in mediating the pharmacological effects of cannabis

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