cbd coffee portland

Cbd coffee portland

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Roast Magazine’s 2020 Roaster of the Year!

Every year, Roast Magazine awards one U.S. macro-roaster for its strong commitment to sustainability, employees, the coffee industry, and community – and, of course, one that roasts coffees of superior quality. We are honored to be named Roaster of the Year for 2020!

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From the beginning, we have embraced our commitment to local arts and social change. We continue to grow and strengthen communities – in Portland, across Maine, and around the world.

Cbd coffee portland

“It’s just going to happen in time,” Spear said. “We serve thousands of people a day that know us as ‘CBD.’ So, we have an advantage here.”

“We do have a fairly large wholesale business that goes as far as Japan and we have wholesale customers around the country, mostly in New England,” Spear said. “But we also have a fairly large mail order customer base. So, with the mail order customer base there’s probably been more confusion there. And we already went through an entire rebranding that revolved around what people were calling us.”

“Our staff are saying they’re getting a lot of questions from people asking if we put CBD (extract) in our coffee,” Spear said this week. “It’s becoming really difficult for us because we’ve been branded CBD for a long time.”

With five retail locations in addition to its Portland roastery cafe, plus a wholesale account list with about 600 clients, Coffee By Design has actually held a trademark on the CBD coffee name since 2010.

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Still, given the time and expense the company has already spent, as well as the company’s long history bearing the CDB name, Spear said he won’t be looking to rebrand anytime soon.

For the past 25 years, Portland, Maine-based roaster Coffee By Design has also been known to customers as CBD, but the recent widespread legalization of marijuana and prevalence of cannabidiol-infused products have caused confusion for customers unfamiliar with the brand.

Coffee By Design owners Mary Allen Lindemann and Alan Spear. Courtesy photo by Nicole Wolf.

The cannabis and cannabidiol craze has gained mainstream momentum in the last few years, but Spear said he doesn’t expect the branding confusion to last.

But the increased time and effort spent sorting out the recent confusion has taken energy away from focusing on the other aspects of the growing business. For instance, he and Lindemann have had to create a list of talking points to prepare their 65 employees to better handle questions from customers, especially since the story has gained national media attention.

Cbd coffee portland

Grön Cafe serves as the drop-in cafe for GrönCBD, a company that specializes in CBD chocolate. The chocolate truffles, drinks, and sipping chocolate all come with non-cannabis, non-hemp CBD, with a resounding focus on craft chocolate-making. Take home a jar of CBD chocolate sauce from the dark, sophisticated cafe.

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CBD is a marijuana compound that has little to no psychoactive properties — basically, you can use CBD and not feel stoned. CBD is often used as a pain reliever or anti-anxiety aid, but many people who use CBD do because it’s relaxing. That’s why Portland’s restaurant community has started adding droplets of cannabidiol oil into your morning coffee or green drink: It’s a very mellow way to start your day. Tons of restaurants serve CBD sodas from Bend-based Ablis, but this map focuses on cafes and restaurants serving CBD in house-made beverages. Try out the trend at one of these cafes, bars, and restaurants serving cannabidiol-spiked drinks, maybe paired with a muffin or a burger. As always, this list is not ranked, but rather organized geographically.

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While many countries (and states) still imprison their citizens for carrying cannabis, weed has almost lost its novelty in Portland. Your parents are now growing Sensei Skunk in your garage. You can get your favorite Portland chocolate bar as an edible. And several cafes have begun serving lattes, smoothies, and cocktails laced with CBD, also known as cannabidiol.

The mid-century-modern-themed cafe and (soon-to-be) bar at the Jupiter Hotel Next serves a CBD-laced latte made with Proud Mary coffee. The cafe plans to launch a set of CBD sodas, as well.

Johanna Ware’s playful Pan-Asian restaurant, lined with tchotchkes and goofy figurines, will add a 25 mg splash of CBD to any drink for an extra $3. For a vacation in a glass, add it to The Rum, with Plantation rum, coconut, pineapple tepache, and nutmeg.

This verdant, pseudo-subterranean cafe off Sandy can add a touch of CBD to its smoothies, from the healthy kale-filled green drinks to the tropical acai or coconut milk numbers. CBD works particularly well in the Beach Front, which comes with mango, coconut cream, and Pok Pok’s pineapple som drinking vinegar.

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