cbd coconut oil for sale

rowrouse – 09/07/2021

The taste is amazing . I suffer from neck and shoulder discomfort , since using this product it seems better. Rather this than the prescribed tablets.

I bought this for my mum who has arthritis in her hands..she does a lot of gardening & has pain and swelling. In her hands. She uses the cream as a topical hand cream. It worked within half an hour ..swelling and pain reduced. She thought it was amazing.
Its on our shopping list now ?Thank you

Jane Ray – 01/06/2019


pougnetrachel – 11/07/2021

I have a severe swelling above the knee due to arthritis and pain caused by two tears in the cartilage. I have had key hole surgery behind the knee cap. I have also had steroid injections and fluid drained from behind the knee. Walking was more of a shuffle, taking pain killers daily.
This was devastating to me as I love Ballroom dancing.
The organic CBD Coconut oil reduced the amount of swelling by about 2 thirds and reduced the pain in the knee within a few days. With continued use of CBD once daily massaged onto the knee this has allowed me to do exercises to strengthen the muscles in the knee more.
Now after using Hempen CBD for twelve months and doing the exercises I rarely take any pain killers even when we go dancing for a full day at the tower ballroom.

Clare Farnsworth – 31/05/2019

How to use it

This is a really versatile product. I used it for rubbing into my ankle after a sprain and helped to reduce swelling and pain. Very good for healing the skin. You only need a very small amount each time so the jar lasts a long time.

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Derek Fairbank – 31/05/2019

Cbd coconut oil for sale

CBD is a non-intoxicating compound most prevalent in hemp. The human body is widely populated with cannabinoid receptors, which play a crucial role in regulating our physiology, mood and everyday experience.

Raised Spirit - The only certified organic UK CBD company

1 teaspoon ≈ 24mg CBD

We are the first certified organic UK CBD company

The two ingredients also contain vitamins A, D, K, & E, beta-carotene, plus the 400+ beneficial compounds found in hemp flowers. Hemp also contains the perfectly balanced 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 essential fatty acids, offering the richest, most balanced natural source of EFAs known on earth.

Cbd coconut oil for sale

We set out to make the world’s best CBD oil. What we learned was powerful: the best CBD oil also costs less—when you make it right. We grow 100% of our hemp. Then we make CBD oil using a naturally efficient, whole-plant infusion process. We do it all in-house, so that you get better CBD for less.


We lab test our CBD oil at multiple points throughout the process at three independent, ISO (Independent Standard Organization)-accredited labs. Testing starts at our soil to ensure our plants are nutrient rich and glyphosate free. From there we continue to test at every step in the process, up to 16 times, with third party independent labs to ensure purity and potency of our CBD. We verify that the amount of CBD on our labels is actually in our products and we ensure that any adulterants stay out of our products. We post lab results on our website for complete transparency.

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Lab Tested