cbd clones

Cbd clones

As pioneers in plant breeding, the Bushplanet paved the way for the commercial production of cannabis plants in Austria. We launched the country’s first clones sale in 1998, in the Esterh�zygasse in Vienna. Over time, our initial business premises have grown into the largest hemp company in Austria, the grow shop of your trust. Nowadays we offer hemp plants at three different locations, providing our customers with the best quality and exclusive genetics.

Enjoy our service and let us do the work of fostering your baby-plants

In our grow shop branch in Vienna’s city centre you can choose your favourite strain from all the cannabis seeds available at CityGrow. Upon request, these are then planted for you and grown under ideal conditions for three weeks. After these three weeks the young plants are ready for you to pick them up. The growing medium we use are Eazy Blocks, which are compatible with all growing substrates, even hydroponic systems. This means that you can later plant the plants in any desired substrate and integrate them into any cultivation system.

Which cannabis strains are available at CityGrow?

On the one hand, we want to give you the opportunity to inspect the plants on site before you purchase. This gives you the freedom to choose your prot�g�s according to your own preferences and, in case of doubt, to be advised by our experienced staff. On the other hand, you can then take your plants home with the necessary care.

Securing quality genetics is Step 1 for any successful industrial hemp harvest. It’s the foundation of your entire enterprise!

How does it work?

For most growers, that means finding vetted, reliable feminized clones. Our clones come from the top genetics companies in the United States.

Mother plants always stay in the vegetative stage as clones are clipped off. It’s important to not take cuttings off a flowering weed plant—this can cause the clone to turn into a hermaphrodite and may also damage the flowering plant.

What to look for in a mother plant

If you live in a medical or adult-use state, you’ll be able to get clones from some local weed shops, but make sure it’s a reputable shop.

What to look for when buying a marijuana clone

First, transplant your new weed clones into a more permanent container and medium. Often the grow medium used to house fresh cuttings at the shop will be different than what you use. Also, pests may be present in its medium when you bought it—transplanting your clone to a cleaner space will help mitigate any potential root damage.