cbd clones for sale

Cbd clones for sale

We wouldn’t be the best grow shop in Vienna if we didn’t provide a comprehensive range of grow equipment for you. Fortunately, the CityGrow has everything you need for your own home grow. From grow tents, soils and substrates to fertilizers in all variations, professional lighting, irrigation and ventilation, our assortment at CityGrow offers the largest selection of grow gear in the area. No matter how you want to grow your plants, you will find exactly the right equipment for your purposes.

We guarantee the seedlings a first-class environment in our nursery until they have developed strong roots and are ready for planting. After 14 to 17 days you can ultimately pick up your very own personal cannabis plants.

In addition, the Clones shop offers hemp plants that have already grown large in a 2-litre pot for € 25,-. All small or big cannabis clones that you can buy here have already established a good root system and can be planted directly into your garden/grow tent.

One store for everything!

What are you waiting for? Allow yourself to be enticed by the most modern genetics from our own selection and get closer to your dream of the perfect hemp plants.

And if there are not the right plants for you in stock, don’t worry! Our largest grow shop is not far away. Just two halls down the road, you can choose from hundreds of different varieties of seeds in the GrowCity to find the strains that perfectly suit your taste! For a small extra charge, we will be happy to transform any cannabis seeds you have bought in the GrowCity into beautiful plants in the PlantCity.

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If you have any questions about the prices or our service, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team – we look forward to seeing you in our CityGrow branch!

Cannabis genetics: We fulfil your every wish.

Seedlings, just the way you want them. In the Growshop in the heart of the city you have the free choice between countless cannabis varieties. From modern classics to unique rarities, the CityGrow has everything that makes growers happy!

In our grow shop branch in Vienna’s city centre you can choose your favourite strain from all the cannabis seeds available at CityGrow. Upon request, these are then planted for you and grown under ideal conditions for three weeks. After these three weeks the young plants are ready for you to pick them up. The growing medium we use are Eazy Blocks, which are compatible with all growing substrates, even hydroponic systems. This means that you can later plant the plants in any desired substrate and integrate them into any cultivation system.

Cbd clones for sale

Our AC/DC genetics are of the most preferred CBD strains due to its heavily CBD dominant CBD-to-THC concentration ratio of 20:1. According to Herb.co, “ACDC does not produce a psychoactive high at all. Instead, it provides feelings of alertness, focus, and serene mental clarity,” Our particular pheno has the highest percentage of CBD of 15 well know cuts we tested, coming in at a whopping 26% CBD! and 0.9% THC at full term.

AC/DC can be used for industrial hemp production with an early harvest.

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