cbd chocolate uk

Cbd chocolate uk

Daily indulgence with our Organic CBDa infused Dark Chocolate buttons.


Support your everyday holistic health with cannabis infused dark chocolate buttons, a familiar and delicious way to experience the wonderful benefits of CBD.

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Cbd chocolate uk

3. Fully traceable with lab reports, SALSA accreditation and made in the UK.

Mint Gourmet CBD Chocolate UK Quality, traceability and peace of mind are central to the Infinity CBD mission, so .

Decadent Flavours

1. Great taste without compromising on quality.

So we started Infinity CBD by working closely with daily CBD users to create products that simply worked, without a middle man between manufacturer and the reseller to keep prices down and to prioritise natural ingredients in all of our products.

Our CBD Chocolate Goal

We created this brand from the ground up to give our customers peace of mind.