cbd central grovetown

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Although a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report in 2017 said there is “conclusive or substantial evidence” that cannabis can treat chronic pain, the only medically approved use for CBD is as an adjunct drug to treat two rare forms of epilepsy in children.

“They pretty much are trying to go in a different direction,” said Hinton, who plans to open a CBD kiosk in the lower level of Augusta Mall during the fall. “Many of our customers come in suffering from chronic pain issues, things that bother them on an ongoing basis.”

Some medical professionals are unaware of CBD and how it works, as the prohibition of cannabis at the federal level gave researchers little interest in studying the medicinal benefits of marijuana and hemp. Scientists didn’t discover human cannabinoid receptors until 1992.

Derived from hemp, CBD lacks the psychoactive chemical found in its sister plant, marijuana.

Says Lyons: “Most people are looking for some kind of relief and they’re tired of taking prescription drugs. It’s very common to hear, ‘I used to take this, but now I don’t’ or ‘I used to take this and now I only take half.’ “

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Cbd central grovetown

Great place if you have money in hand and ready to buy a new Apple. If yours breaks however you will not find out until you get there with your Apple in hand that you need to make an appointment. And oh yeah you can’t leave yours there but you can bring it back At your appointment time. Sorry guys y’all miss it on this one. – ray orzechowski


This is not only the BEST CBD store I’ve been to, but one of the best local stores you will find. They have great customer service and knowledge of their products. The products are also the best quality I can find locally. For anxiety, sleep, or inflammation, they have what I need and know which option is best for me. And for my dogs! We temporarily rented a home in between selling and buying and one pup was super stressed and anxious. They helped me find exactly what we needed and it was like a whole different dog! Check them out and get what you need to make life easier! – Kristin Cato

Augusta Hemp Company

Address: 1464 Washington Rd Unit F, Thomson, GA 30824

Phone: (706) 736-8144

Your CBD Store – Thomson, GA


Rating: (5 / 5)