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The first is identified as Central Preston, which includes the Central Business District Area (CBD) and the Tithebarn Regeneration Area.

Providing off-street parking facilities in the Central Business District (CBD) area of Srinagar is one of the crucial issues of the current urban transportation of Srinagar city.

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If we are presented in the future with additional record evidence indicating that the City may be exercising its contracting authority in a manner that arguably “prohibits or has the effect of prohibiting” the ability of payphone service providers other than Pacific Bell to install payphones outdoors on the public rights-of-way in the Central Business District, we will revisit the issue at that time.In re Cal.

The City's contracting conduct would implicate section 253(a) only if it materially inhibited or limited the ability of any competitor or potential competitor to compete in a fair and balanced legal and regulatory environment in the market for payphone services in the Central Business District.

That Chapter 27, entitled “The Land Development Ordinance of the Borough of Jamesburg,” of the “Revised General Ordinances of the Borough of Jamesburg” (also referenced as the “Borough Code”), is hereby amended and supplemented at Article X thereof, entitled “CBD Central Business District Zone,” in the following specific respects (additions are shown with underline):ARTICLE XCBD CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT ZONE 27-65 Conditional Uses.

Cbd central business district definition

In ancient cities, the CBDs developed from market squares. During market days, consumers, merchants, and farmers would meet at the center of the city to conduct their businesses and buy goods. Slowly, the market place would grow and become proper urban centers. As the city grew and developed, an area would be designated as the CBD where commercial and retail took place. In most cases, the CBD would be restricted to the oldest part of the city or near major transportation routes such as railroad or highway. With time, the CBD evolved into a financial center and also a center for government and other important offices. In the early 20th century, cities in America and Europe had CBDs that were primarily retail and commercial centers. However, by the mid-20th century, the CBDs had expanded to include office spaces and commercial businesses. Skyscrapers replaced the old buildings.

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A Central Business District (CBD) is a city’s focal point or business and commercial center. The area is characterized by a concentration of commercial land use with a high number of commercial offices, retail shops, and services such as finance and banking. The CBD is also the cultural and transportation center of the city. The city’s history is almost always reflected by the type and shape of its central business district. Some megacities, especially in Asia, have more than one CBD scattered across the city. However, each CBD is unique in terms of their spatial shape. Terms such as the financial district, downtown, and city center are sometimes used to refer to the CBD.

The CBD is more about perception as it has no particular boundary. There have been attempts to delineate boundaries of the CBD in vein. Most people can instinctively or visually see where the area starts and ends. In Australia, CBD refers to an area in state capital cities with a high concentration of skyscrapers. In Canada, CBDs are referred to as downtowns highlighted by skyscrapers. Downtown Toronto is considered Canada’s largest CBD. In France, the phrase “quartier d’affaires” is used to describe a CBD while in Germany the terms “Stadtzentrum” and “Innenstadt” are used to describe the same.

By the end of the 20th century, the urban area considered as the CBD had become generally diverse and a metropolitan area. CBDs have the highest concentration of land use with different specialist areas. The region is not only a retail and commercial center but also residential, entertainment, medical, government, cultural, and financial center. Today, experts such as lawyers, doctors, financiers, directors, bureaucrats, and government officials have their workplaces or offices in the city center or CBD. The combination of the residential area and shopping malls have given CBDs new life. One can now shop, be entertained, eat, and sleep within the CBD. Some of the CBDs across the world operate 24 hours, with nightlife commonly characterized by entertainment. However, they are still far more populated during the day. The largest CBDs are located in big cities of a country, mostly the capital and largest cities.

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History of the CBD

Defining the CBD

c. Commercial vehicles, trailers, shipping containers and other similar equipment used for transporting merchandise shall remain on the premises only as long as required for loading and unloading operations, and shall not be maintained on the premises for storage purposes unless screened from public view. [Ord. 08-29, 2008].

f. Hotels and motels;

2. Nonresidential buildings shall be set back five feet from all other lot boundary lines except the minimum setback shall be two feet from all other boundary lines when firewalls are provided and access to the rear of the building is otherwise provided (e.g., alleyways) as defined by the State Fire Code and enforced by the State Fire Marshal.

s. Public, private and commercial schools;

21.18.080 Nuisance standards.

c. Professional offices and general business offices;

kk. Medical clinics. [Ord. 19-31 § 1, 2019; Ord. 16-04(A-2)(S-3) § 1, 2016; Ord. 11-44(S) § 3, 2011; Ord. 11-23(A) § 4, 2011; Ord. 09-34(A) § 10, 2009; Ord. 08-29, 2008].

A zoning permit for any building or structure within the Central Business District shall not be issued by the City without a site plan and a level two right-of-way access plan approved by the City under Chapter 21.73 HCC. [Ord. 08-29, 2008].

21.18.020 Permitted uses and structures.

c. Is estimated to generate an increase in the traffic to more than 100 vehicle trips during any hour of the day due to a change in land use or intensity of use; or

1. The total floor area of retail and wholesale business uses within a single building shall not exceed 75,000 square feet.

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