cbd causing panic attacks reddit

Cbd causing panic attacks reddit

Build your way up is my idea of a right way. And with tinctures it's easier to measure your dosage. I don't know what the vape guy was on about. But in my opinion. Drops is easier to manage.

I purchased my first bottle of CBD just yesterday. I’m hoping it will help with my panic and anxiety disorder. The gentleman at the shop recommended PlusCBD 1oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100mg. He said two drops equals 1 mg of CBD and I should start out around 4mg a day.

I think CBD can also help a lot but I recommend the DARE method just as much.

Sounds good man! Little by little, if you get relief for let's say four, good. But you can always test your way up to a dosage until you find one that hits your spot. Not too little and not too much.

Super helpful. Thank you!

Cbd causing panic attacks reddit

His happens to me with pure isolate cbd. I thought maybe it was just me, but I vaped it again last night and same thing. Never again

Yes! I just got a new bottle of my cbd and it tastes different and looks darker. Didn't think anything of it. Took my normal 9 drops and had the worst panic attack. It was awful. Scared off it now. Such a bummer. Tried my vaping cbd last night thinking maybe it was just the liquid one causing the issue and same thing.

Where did you get it from? I've read stories of places selling CBD that was definitely laced with other stuff. Like the people in the story would get super high off it (not THC high apparently)

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I do have Lyme Disease which complicates things and I've been much worse lately so possible it's not connected. I really need the anxiety help though so it's really sucks atm.