cbd brownies

One of the best things about CBD is how you can take it in a bunch of forms—including, of course, with chocolate.

By Marie Claire published 20 April 19

For the brownies:

The full recipe is below, but you should definitely watch the hilarious video to understand exactly how to make them as chocolatey, soft, and chock-full of CBD as Lena and Rachel’s batch.

Delish’s Lena Abraham brought Rachel into the Delish test kitchen to cook up a storm, make the ultimate CBD dessert, and learn a little bit about cooking with the cannabinoid. (For example, did you know that CBD has a boiling point of between 320°F and 350°F? That means you can’t bake it at the temperature brownies require, which is why mixing CBD into a frosting or a topping is a good choice!)

For the peanut butter swirl:

As part of our exploration of all things CBD, Marie Claire teamed up with Delish to create a gooey, soft, peanut-butter-frosting-topped brownie with a perfect dose of CBD. And the hilarious Rachel Feinstein joined the party. (Because the only thing more fun than cooking with CBD is cooking with a CBD-enthusiast who’s a comedian!)

CBD won’t actually get you high, but it has loads of benefits. It can reduce stress, ease pain, and even help with pain! Combine all that with a fudgy as hell brownie, and we’re in love.

But here’s the thing: Heating CBD oil above a temperature of 350° will bake off all the good stuff. So instead of adding it to the batter, we dropped some into some creamy peanut butter frosting. We use approximately a half drop per serving (a small bottle can be expensive!), but you can add a bit more if you’d like.