cbd brothers water soluble

Cbd brothers water soluble

There’s roughly 40mg of CBD/CBDA per ml of product.

CBD Brothers Purple Edition offers an innovative drinkable alternative to the other oils in The Original Alternative’s range.

Dosage and usage for this water-soluble CBD product: this Purple edition can be mixed into any drink – for example, coffee, tea or water. Start with 1 pump when first trying.


The full-spectrum extract is derived from organically grown outdoor female hybrid plants that are Indica dominant (70% Indica, 30% Sativa). Each bottle has a pump dispenser enabling you to easily pump and accurately dose the liquid into any drink. What’s more, because it is water-soluble, you can also use a Nebulizer to inhale the active ingredients in a way that is healthy and effective.

CBD Brothers Purple Edition offers an innovative drinkable alternative to the other CBD oils in The Original Alternative’s range. Purple presents Cannabis Hybrid Whole Plant Extract in an organic water-soluble carrier. The water-soluble carrier, known as ‘Bioactive’, contains organic plant-derived ingredients that work alongside the extract for enhanced CBD delivery. So not only is it drinkable, but the Purple edition also packs a punch.


Water; Vegetable Glycerine; Cannabis Extract; Triglycerides; Curcuma Longa Extract; Terpenes

If you would like to learn more about The Original Alternative or the CBD Brothers Range, check out our TOA Brand Page where we dive deep into what they’re all about!

Cbd brothers water soluble

When shopping for The Original Alternative( CBD Brothers) products in the UK, there is no better place than Bloom Botanics. We match the prices that The Original Alternative sell their products for with the addition of free shipping on orders over £50! Plus, we also plant one tree with every order! So when you are shopping for CBD Brothers look no further than Bloom Botanics UK!

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This extract is then combined with The Original Alternative’s own hand-pressed Indica rosin. This rosin is a meticulously crafted, by selecting only the finest organic cannabis flowers which they grow, and then pressing them at the optimum pressure and temperature to ensure that they collect all the invaluable cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and essential oils possible.

White Edition Oil (Indica) | The Original Alternative

Gold Edition CBD Oil (Hybrid) | The Original Alternative

Why Shop for The Original Alternative (CBD Brothers) with Bloom Botanics UK?

Purple Edition Plus Water Soluble CBD (Hybrid) | The Original Alternative

Red Edition Oil (Indica) | The Original Alternative

The Original Alternative Red label Oil uses 600mg of Cannabis Indica Whole Plant Extract from female Cannabis Indica plants and uses a dropper for easy consumption. The Original Alternative’s Indica plants are grown indoors in a controlled environment for maximum cannabinoid content and quality.

Who Are The Original Alternative/CBD Brothers Products For?

The Original Alternative/CBD Brothers product lines are great, and really does have a powerful effect with their raw extract. We find our consumers are always happy with any Original Alternative product they buy. However, one common thing which comes up about their oils, specifically around our office, is the strong plant taste that comes with their whole plant extract in their oils and pastes. This can be undesirable for some and has turned some people away from their products, even amongst our team. However, we do find for the majority of people, it is worth that taste for the extra terpenes, flavonoids and micro-nutrients. If you have been a fan of CBD but have never tried any The Original Alternative’s products, we highly recommend giving them a try, as you may even be surprised by the differing effects which it offers!

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The Original Alternative (CBD Brothers) White Edition Oil. Only using buds and flowers for their CO2 extraction process and use low heat and low pressure. Resulting in a high-quality full-spectrum CBD Oil that is suspended in certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil.