cbd brothers colorado

Cbd brothers colorado

You see, Figi was looking for treatment for her five-year-old daughter, Charlotte, who had severe epilepsy. Charlotte has a form of epilepsy called Dravet’s Syndrome.

As a general rule, hemp is cannabis that contains less than 0.3 percent THC, which is the part of the plant that produces that “high” that marijuana is known for. Hemp is slowly and steadily becoming better known and gaining supporters, and the Stanley brothers are doing their fair share of the heavy lifting when it comes to educating the public on the benefits of hemp products.

3. They come from a very close-knit family.

Before she met the Stanley brothers, Charlotte was having over 300 grand mal seizures per day. By the time she was five years old, she had gone through all pharmaceutical options and none of them worked for her. In order to give medical marijuana a try, Charlotte had to get approval from her doctor and get a medical marijuana card.

The Stanley brothers hail from Colorado. It isn’t just the seven of them either — their mother had 11 kids and raised them all as a single mom. Talk about an amazing woman! The Stanley family grew up close. They didn’t have a lot of money; in fact they were extremely poor, but never felt it.

1. The Stanley brothers have a business selling hemp products.

While the Stanley brothers might have already succeeded in educating many people on the benefits of hemp products, they know that there are certain lines that they cannot cross if they want to maintain their positive image and keep their credibility as providers of hemp as a dietary supplement.

Cbd brothers colorado

From the very beginning, the Stanley Brothers’ goal was to give back to society by helping people medicinally. Since then, it has been their mission to donate their money and resources to groups that help families, women, children, and veterans as well as those that prioritize agriculture.

With the desire to find the full medicinal potential of Cannabis, the Stanley Brothers continue to search for the perfect balance between science and nature in order to promote healing. Their medical and recreational products are high-quality and balance the concentration of CBD to THC.

This whole plant extract is approximately 50mg of CBD per 1 mL. For the best results, daily, consistent use is encouraged and drops can be easily added to your favorite beverage.

The health benefits of hemp-based CBD products have been popularized since 2013, mainly due to the Stanley Brothers, a group of seven brothers who had an intense desire to help those with medical needs through cannabis compounds.

Stanley Brother Cannabis

All seven of the Stanley Brothers. Photo: The Stanley Brothers

From a small seed to your home, Stanley Brothers make sure that each step utilizes the highest level of raw materials and care. The best quality of rich soil is used and tested to make sure no contaminants are mixed in it. Most importantly, they ensure that their growing practices are organic, sustainable, and safe.

Cultivating cannabis. Photo: Stanley Brothers


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Cannabis. Photo: ReCreate Cannabis

Cbd brothers colorado

One night, most of them were in Denver for a concert by John Prine, a country folk singer-songwriter. They gathered at their mother’s house and listened to Josh lay out his vision and arguments. Everyone except J. Austin (still in high school) joined Josh’s endeavor.

“I think most of us are intimidated by it,” Josh said. “We tried to take it down. We can’t handle it.”

Joel Stanley, the chairman of the company, ran around handing out necklaces that carried bottles of their farms’ soil and taking selfies. He slicked his hair back for the occasion and proudly wore a fluffy gray-and-white-checkered wool sweater. “My brother bought them for all of us in Mexico City,” he told a group congregated around him. “I don’t know why my brothers aren’t wearing theirs.”

Roasting the Marshmallows

There were more guests at the party than in the brothers’ entire hometown.

At that point Joel assumed the role C.E.O. of the company. Most growers of cannabis at the time were searching for strains that contained high percentages of THC, the extract that makes people high. But the Stanleys were searching for plants that contained more CBD, the extract that purportedly heals.

At the time, Joel was in Texas working for an oil company. Jon was traveling the world. Jordan was in Colorado clearing the forests for fire prevention as a chain saw operator. Jared was working at a bar. Jesse was playing basketball at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. J. Austin was still in high school.

A Toke and a Smile

They described growing up in poverty in a tiny community named St. Louis, Okla., which has a current population of 158. The four eldest were raised in a two-bedroom trailer with no drinkable water. Even when they moved into a larger house, they said, five boys shared one bed — a water bed with no headboard or frame, just a mattress. (They also have four sisters, Jennie, 41, Joy, 29, Julee, 23, and Jensyn, 21, who aren’t involved in Charlotte’s Web’s daily operations, though Julee worked in customer service the first few years and Jennie is an investor in the company.)

He never met Rich Stanley, who left in 1997 when the youngest child, Jensyn, now 21, was a year old. He is now 66 and living in Denver, where he works as an Uber driver. The sons generally talk about him respectfully if coolly.